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Insurance tampering allegations in case of woman strangled to death in Story Park

More than a year has passed since Shi Donglei, then 31, was found strangled to death in Story Park. The case has never been solved. Now a dispute has arisen between the man who a judge recently ruled would be the sole beneficiary of her insurance policy and the victim’s parents who imply that he may have tampered with it and may even be responsible for her death, the World Journal (世界日报) reports. A U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled last month that Daniel Duong, Shi’s friend and work partner, should receive the full insurance claim. Shi’s parents and their lawyer Mark Hartzler sent a protest letter to the judge last Monday, immediately following the ruling. The parents implied, according to the World Journal article, that Duong may actually have been responsible for her murder in a ploy to receive the insurance money. The victim had two insurance policies, according to the World Journal article. Her parents were the original beneficiaries of one, but it was changed to Duong in the year before she was murdered. The second one was created with Duong as the beneficiary, but her parents told the World Journal that she had sent e-mails to him requesting to change beneficiaries. The last changes to the insurance policies were made less than a month before her murder. Shi’s father also hired a handwriting expert to investigate the signatures of the insurance policy, and he told the World Journal that the expert suspected an 85% to 95% possibility of forgery. A passerby found Shi’s body on Woodward Street in the Story Park area in the early morning on April 10, 2010.  She was pronounced strangled to death at the scene.

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