Incumbents dominate in San Gabriel Valley elections

Incumbents did well in San Gabriel Valley elections, according to preliminary results for Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Rosemead, and Temple City that were released Tuesday. 
In Monterey Park, incumbents Mitchell Ing and Teresa Real Sebastian, and newcomer Stephen Lam, will take the three open seats in City Council, according to early results. Similar to four years ago, despite the opportunity to elect the nation's first all-Chinese City Council, voters once again selected Sebastian. The Pasadena Star News noted that Monterey Park was once known as “Little Taipei,” as it was the first Asian-majority city in the United States, and was the first city to elect a Chinese-born City Council member – Lily Chen – in 1982. 
Voters in San Gabriel re-elected incumbent John Harrington, while incumbent Juli Costanzo and challenger Denise Menchaca are still vying for the second available seat. The newcomer in this election, Menchaca worked to raise around $43,000 from nearly 150 sources – more than her two opponents combined, as reported by the Pasadena Star News.
In Rosemead, preliminary results showed that incumbents Polly Low and William Alarcon received roughly double the votes of challengers Janet Chin and Rosendo Plasencia. “It tells me that the people in the city agree with what we're doing in these past four years,” Alarcon told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. 
Voters in Temple City elected incumbent Cynthia Sternquist and newcomers William Man and Nanette “Nan” Fish, according to unofficial reports. They beat out challengers Richard J. Chang and James Cleary. 
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3 thoughts on “Incumbents dominate in San Gabriel Valley elections”

  1. Why don’t you write about Alhambra having only one Hispanic on the city council despite the city being about 50% Latino?

  2. The slant of this article is disappointing. Why should Monterey Park residents elect an all-Chinese city council? Monterey Park is a diverse city, and an all-Chinese city council would not reflect its diversity. Real-Sebastian is an excellent city council member and her re-election is well-deserved. Especially as a non-Chinese resident of Monterey Park, I’m troubled by the Source’s reporting on this election.

  3. Why is this “news?”(No all-Chinese Monterey Park city council). I thought people are supposed to be elected to offices regardless of their ethnicity.

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