Increasing number of Chinese in San Gabriel Valley voting

Several polling station staff members said that Chinese residents of the San Gabriel Valley voted at a higher rate on Tuesday compared to previous years, Singtao Daily (星島日報) reports.

El Monte resident Zheng told Singtao that it was his first time voting since he came to the United States 23 years ago. He said that the primary reason he voted was to select a president who can lead the economy in a better direction. The second reason was that more Chinese are active in politics and he wanted to support Chinese candidates who would represent the rights of minorities.

Luo told World Journal (世界日報) that she voted for President Obama because she thinks his health care plan will provide more benefits to her and her husband, both of whom are 60 years old.

Polling station volunteer Sandy told Sing Tao that by the time she arrived at the station at 7 a.m. on Election Day, nearly 200 voters were already waiting in front of the station. By noon about 200 Chinese citizens had voted, twice the number of four years ago.

Many of the voters were students concerned about education who support Proposition 30, which will affect community colleges and four-year universities.

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