Wampees at the Alhambra Farmer's Market

"Among the rarest and most sought-after fruits grown in Southern California is the wampee, a distant citrus relative native to southern China, which Jerry Dimitman and his family will be selling for a few weeks, probably starting this Sunday, at the Alhambra farmers market," the LA Times reports. "Round to oval in shape, less than an inch in diameter, the wampee (also spelled wampi) has thin but tough tan or brown skin covered with fine short hairs and somewhat resembles the unrelated longan, the little brother of the lychee. The skin is usually peeled off, revealing several large bright green seeds, and translucent, whitish flesh with a grapelike texture and a peculiar mildly acid flavor reminiscent of grapefruit with resinous notes. The fruit is typically consumed fresh but can also be used to make jams and drinks."

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