Tema Media is forced to close for selling products with pirated logos | 偽造商標 天馬音像店被警查封

Police shut down Tema Media in Monterey Park on Monday for piracy. All pirated goods, most imported from Hong Kong, were seized and the owner and the manager were arrested. The products from Tema were not only sold in Los Angeles but also in Nevada. The charge is placed on the unauthorized use of Dolby logos on the DVDs.

Piracy of Chinese media products is rampant in the United States because  local authorities only  charge on piracy of Hollywood content but not the ones on foreign content; as a result, pirated Chinese media products can be easily found selling publicly in bookstores, media shops, and supermarkets in Chinese concentrated areas.

位於蒙特利公園市丁胖子廣場內的天馬音像店23日被警察查封,該店業主及經理被逮捕。警方在天馬音像店內繳獲大量偽造Dolby 商標的DVD影像製品,其多數是從香港空運來洛杉磯的。此數量之大甚至銷至內華達州。


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