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Bilingual school in Alhambra schedules to reopen | 阿罕布拉市一雙語學校明秋重開

Good news came out that the bilingual All Souls School, the Catholic school in Alhambra which was closed last June due to too few students, is scheduled to reopen next fall. There are many examples of public schools operating in bilingual teaching system, yet there are few for Catholic schools; All Souls School will be the second Catholic school using such system in California.

The school plans to start two new classes, one will teach in English and Spanish, the other in English and Mandarin. Students will also be exposed to bi-literate and bi-cultural education.  

位於阿罕布拉市的萬靈學校(All Souls School)由於學生人數太少而在去年6月被迫關閉,好消息是該學校有望于明年秋天重新開學。儘管雙語教學在公立學校並不少見,但這模式在天主教學校中卻盛行,萬靈學校將成為加州第二所雙語教學的天主教學校。


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