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In Alhambra, demographic shift reaches the grocery store; What can you buy in San Gabriel Valley for $550,000?

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15 thoughts on “In Alhambra, demographic shift reaches the grocery store; What can you buy in San Gabriel Valley for $550,000?”

  1. I suppose the long time resident’s of Alhambra would’ve been happier if the vacated Ralph’s store remained empty like the old Mervyns for several years.

    1. I can understand that some would be happier to have vacant lots and store fronts than have a business not of their own racial group. But vacant lots mean less revenue for the city and less money for the library, road repair, etc. Also, Asian businesses take risk too. Look at East Ocean Chinese Restaurant at Main and Garfield. Opening an Asian business in Alhambra is no guarantee for success. I think 99 Ranch deserves some respect for taking risk and the location Ralph’s abandoned.

  2. To be fair, the staff at AS are journalists-in-training, mostly volunteers. It would be sufficient to note “hasn’t been confirmed,” or “have not reached out for comment.”

  3. John, I read Around Alhambra last night and yeah, maybe there is still hope. 46k sq ft is a lot. Im not sure how that building is going to hold a Burlington AND a grocery store.

    Since we are all doing a bit a guessing at this point, I will add more fuel to the fire and take a guess that LOHAS threatened to pull out if Sprouts came in. Just a thought.

    I also agree with Robert. A journalist is suppose to check their facts and at least say something like “Sprouts would not comment on the matter”.

    1. Robert and Joseph, both of you guys have some good points and well-taken. As for the Alhambra Source not confirming with Sprouts, I don’t see that as a big deal. I’m not a trained journalist, but the way I see it, it’s less a regurgitation and merely a simple statement of facts by showing the idea of “here is what was said and where we got it from” (a published press release). This implicates that this is all the info. the Alhambra Source has for now; again no big deal and of course just my opinion.

      Joseph, interesting guess you have there. Actually, those kinds of scenarios you point out is exactly why parties privy to lease agreements and contracts keep mum about these things until negotiations are finalized.

  4. Some keep silent when Mervyn’s (and others such as Payless in Alhambra Place) was closed as long as no Asian store took its place but when Ralph’s moved out and 99 Ranch took up the lease they keep crying and whining. What would you call such people?

  5. Re: Sprouts, I seem to remember that the development plan called for a grocery store AND a big chain retailer.

    If that’s accurate, the announcement of Burlington moving in doesn’t preclude Sprouts. In fact, it would fit right in.

    I’ve heard nothing about Sprouts not moving in, other than speculation on this site. Let’s wait to see what happens before we jump to conclusions.

  6. “potato chips, pickles, tomato paste, Bud Light, black olives, French bread and Vienna sausages.”

    This is the “food” she wants to buy and she’s worried about Ralphs being replaced with 99 Ranch?

    In my opinion, the lady featured in this article should be more worried about a future of obesitiy, type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease with a diet like that rather than her own racial bias, which she is obviously unaware of.

    I am your typical all american born and bread “white guy” who is around her age. I welcome all decent hard working people to Alhambra no matter where they came from or what language they speak.

    I am also a firm believer in capitalism. Thankfully, 99 Ranch came in after Ralphs decided in their own interest to leave.

  7. I also think that we need to move beyond this 99 Ranch thing. They are here to stay and I for one am very happy about it.

    What I really want to know is what happened to Sprouts. Some of you wanna-be journalists should investigate why the brochure from Shea has Sprouts on it taking the old Mervyns spot, and now its the *cough* Burlington Coat Factory.

    A huge sprouts in that spot would have been ideal and many of us were excited about. Alhambra Source even said it is “confirmed”, which we now know is anything but.

    I have yet to see an explanation from Alhambra Source or an apology from them on this matter.

    1. In hindsight the correct procedure should have been to contact Sprouts and confirm what was on the developer’s brochure (or statements made by the developer).

      What ended up happening was that whatever that the developer said, or printed on their brochure, was implied to be factual by the lack of comment from Sprouts and by the lack of followup. In other words, the staff at AS believed it was true and reported as such, and the readers believed it was true.

      And unfortunately, these kinds of things aren’t uncommon even among professional journalists.

      edit: additional comments

      1. Robert, I’m not sure if the “correct procedure” would be to simply contact Sprouts and confirm. First of all, at what stage of the commercial lease agreement are the developer and Sprouts at? Is the lease still under negotiations? We don’t even know all the details. If it is under negotiations, both parties would keep disclosures to a minimum until the contract has been definitized or finalized. They just won’t confirm with you on the phone. Remember, commercial leases can be a complex process because the landlord and tenant are establishing a relationship, not a single event. How The Habit (or any other business at this new development) handles their commercial leases may be different from Sprouts.

        Joseph S, while it’s true Sprouts website doesn’t list Alhambra as one of the locations for its new stores, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. If the lease agreement hasn’t been finalized or any other contingencies/requirements met, they are not going to list the Alhambra location on their website.

        The Around Alhambra newspaper today has also reiterated that other tenants have announced openings here, including Sprouts Farmers Market. The last I remember, the Mervyns building is TWO FLOORS, not one so there is a lot of space. The Burlington Store will be occupying 46,792 sq. ft (from Around Alhambra) and that is not the entire Mervyns building. To throw more fuel into the fire, I also heard that Ralphs is looking into that space, which at this point is just rumor.

        I have no doubts that a supermarket will eventually come here at some point. However, I agree with Jason. Let’s just wait and see before jumping into conclusions.

      2. No doubt commercial lease agreements are complex. The point is that the ‘correct procedure’ is to get the others point of view–like checking to see if a statement made can be confirmed as true, or denied, or “no comment at this time.” I’m not suggesting that if AS followed the ‘correct procedure’ we’d have an answer from Sprouts, but at the very least it wouldn’t have been a regurgitation of a press release.

  8. Alhambra Source reader

    Stop being racist. This has nothing to do with Asians vs Whites vs Latinos. It is just about money. I wonder whether these individuals who have been whining about things like this Ralphs-out-Ranch-in thing on AlhambraSource are simply the same person or group who just refuse to be educated and keep trying to stir up emotions at every chance.

  9. I seriously think they are purposely trying to push out other groups out of Alhambra. I am currently driving to Huntington and Atlantic to go Ralph’s or even to Las Tunas to the other Super A market. I am really sad that we are not going to get Sprouts and wonder what kind of politcs played in it not opening up. Maybe the same that pushed out Ralph’s on Main and brought the 99 Ranch Market.