Identity thieves posing as employers or loan providers in the SGV

Scammers in the San Gabriel Valley are posing as loan providers or employers to steal personal information and open credit cards,  World Journal (世界日报) reports. Some of the victims have even been accused of crimes their identity thief committed. 

One San Gabriel Valley resident contacted a loan provider for cash when his family needed money for medical treatment. A woman from the loan company said she had a relationship with a bank and could provide a loan for him without a mortgage. The woman asked for his driver’s license, social security number, and employment information. He discovered six months later that his personal information was used to open multiple credit cards and rack up a debt of $150,000. 

Another San Gabriel Valley resident gave out his personal information to scammers when applying for jobs. The scammers used the information to falsify an I.D. card and use another victim’s lost credit card to shop at Macy’s. The shopping mall called the police, but the criminal escaped, leaving the credit card and the identification card behind. The victim was listed as a wanted criminal, and he didn’t know it until he was arrested by the police at the airport.

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