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How many homeless people live in Alhambra?

More than 30 volunteers from throughout the San Gabriel Valley met at First United Methodist Church on Tuesday night to count the city's homeless. The Los Angeles County Homeless Services Authority organizes the biannual event, which is used to tailor programs that meet the needs of homeless individuals in L.A. County.

Volunteers were split into teams, given a specific area in Alhambra, and trained on how to recognize homelessness; vehicles with homeless people living inside; and makeshift shelters such as cardboard boxes, tarps, or tents. According to LAHSA's final count, volunteers found 10 homeless adults, 4 unaccompanied homeless youths, 3 cars and 1 camper that looked as though a homeless individual or individuals were living inside, and 2 makeshift shelters in Alhambra.

Many volunteers were out until late hours, and some did not return until midnight. "It's been a really eye opening experience," Ian Dale, a 32-year-old freelance graphic designer who lives in Alhambra, said. "We're always kind of catching glimpses of the homeless population, but not really knowing the diverse situations that homeless people come under. I feel like I have a better understanding of the homeless situation in Los Angeles after volunteering here."

First United Methodist Pastor Richard Bentley and his team were given the Midwick area and found one car that looked as though it may be a shelter. Bentley said he wanted to participate in the homeless count to get an accurate view of homelessness in Alhambra. "The city says there are only 12, but I suspect, at least from what I see at my church, that there are more than that," Bentley said. "I would have never thought of spending the evening looking around Midwick and possibly finding a situation of homelessness there."

Click here for information about LAHSA's services and how you can help.

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4 thoughts on “How many homeless people live in Alhambra?”

  1. It's good to see that Alhambra is taking the homeless count seriously this time around. Back in 2011 they opted out of the count and did not participate.

    I wonder what changed their mind, besides the fact that they risked not receiving any funding from HUD (Housing and Urband Development).

  2. I have seen a homeless woman setting up sleeping accimadations at the bus shelter located corner Commonwealth & Fremont, but since city council don’t wake up & aknowledge homeless problem in Alhambra, it will be up to private/religiuos groups to try to do anything about it. Seems other cities are trying to work solutions (more laws are not the solutions) to this situation, but Alhambra continues to live in a “Mayberry mentality.”

    1. So is that homeless woman from Alhambra? What if she is a transient? We get blamed for that as well?

  3. Meanwhile the “blind Mayberry” city council continues to ignore this situation by pretending “Alhambra does not have a homeless problem”; seems we have an unconcerned city council on the fast-track developing expensive condos, driving long-term residents out & the need to keep homeless “invisible.”

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