How does Alhambra's City Manager's salary rank?

Since the LA Times revealed this summer that Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo made nearly $800,000, cities across the country have been taking a closer look at how much their public officials make. Attorney General Brown has vowed to look into city manager salaries of more than $300,000. Sixteen managers make that much in California — but not in Alhambra.

Alhambra's City Manager of nearly two decades, Julio Fuentes, said that when the LA Times called asking for his salary, he immediately provided it with nothing to hide. He ranks in the middle of Los Angeles County's city managers. Fuentes brought home a 2009 tax package of $212,259, ranking him 41 out of 87 county managers. His salary is a little more than the San Gabriel and Monterey Park managers, and a bit less than Arcadia's.

For more information, the Los Angeles Times created an interactive chart where you can compare city managers across the county. And the League of California Cities has a statewide survey on their website.

**Update** Rizzo, and seven other Bell city officials, were arrested Tuesday.

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