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House for mentally disabled upsets San Gabriel residents

Some San Gabriel residents are upset about a home in their neighborhood being used for the treatment of mentally disabled patients, World Journal (世界日报) reports.

While San Gabriel City Council has approved the proposal, residents living near the home are protesting the idea and saying it violates zoning code, which states that no commercial activity is allowed in the residential area. The residents have even established a “Protect the Neighborhood” organization to oppose the council’s decision.

The house, located on the 600 block of De Sales Street, is currently vacant and was purchased by nonprofit group Key Community Housing. It is expected to accommodate four female patients with autism or Down’s syndrome.

One resident who lives next to the proposed health care center said she is not against having disabled people living next door, but she worried about the noise and safety issues resulting from the commercial activity and alleged that the nurses who would work at the health care center would not be licensed.

A representative from Key Community Housing said the residents’ opposition was caused by ineffective communication. Placing patients in the residential area can help them integrate into the community, according to Elwyn NC, the organization providing health care services for the mentally disabled patients. The San Gabriel health center will be able to provide high quality service that large health care centers are unable to offer, said a representative.

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3 thoughts on “House for mentally disabled upsets San Gabriel residents”

  1. Yvette – You heard one person say something offensive, yet you are using that one person’s behavior to make an assumption about an entire group of people. Is that not prejudice? How can you say that an entire group of people employs bullying tactics?

  2. I spoke up at the city council meeting in San Gabriel where this was discussed in support of the women moving into the facility. I was heckled when I stated that parents are afraid to let their children be a part of the community because of reactions like this. A man in the back said “Damn right”! This is the type of bullying tactics of this group.

  3. It’s a shame how we treat our mentally ill/handicapped people in the country. I could see if these were deranged or dangerous individuals, but autistic and Down’s Syndrome patients?

    And then we wonder why our cities suffer from rampant homelessness.

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