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Horchata, tamarindo — and, of course, lemonade for sale

This week the Alhambra Source introduces a new feature: [email protected] These are portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

Nathan Solis is the photo editor of the Alhambra Source. Growing up he never sold lemonade. But he was driving down Second Street when he spotted Nicole, 10, and Abraham, 8, selling lemonade, horchata and tamarindo for 75 cents a cup.

The photo: Nicole and Abraham told me they were selling drinks on their counsin's lawn. They told me they made the lemonade, horchata, and tamarindo themselves — and that they do it all the time. The siblings are saving up to buy a bird for Nicole's birthday, since her last one died.

The photographer: I've been acting as your curator this week. For the most part, my photos are happenstance, moments of being in the right place and trying not to act surprised when a good image comes out.

Nathan Solis used a Nikon N2020 film camera, with 35mm Kodak Gold.

Do you have a photo to contribute? Send an e-mail to editor@alhambrasource.org.

2 thoughts on “Horchata, tamarindo — and, of course, lemonade for sale”

  1. Great photo! Love to see kids taking initiative to do something like this. So sweet!

    1. Thanks, LM – it was a bit startling to see children doing something like this, but they were so incredibly punctual and professional. So why not.

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