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Hollywood chef's favorite eats: Alhambra's tortas

Chef Tim Carey of the hot Hollywood Hill's bistro Papilles cooks up a gourmet menu that includes "a mushroom veloute with mushroom mousse and brioche croutons and braised lamb neck, Tahitian squash gnocchi, and mint and mustard salad" according to the LA Times. But when he gets a day off, where does he go?

El Vaquero in Alhambra for a torta ahogada.

Alhambra Source's Javier Cabral reported on what makes this sandwich so good.

What exactly is so special about it? Well, it’s literally a torta ahogada ("drowned" torta). Just imagine a Mexican torta sandwich if it had tripped and accidentally fell into a pool of delicious  — albeit ridiculously spicy — smooth salsa of fresh tomatoes and toasted chile de arbol (which literally translates to "tree chile!") The rest is simple: stuffed with a scant layer of refried beans and freshly-braised carnitas, topped with a prodigious handful of thinly sliced pickled onions, then finally dunked, sauced and smothered in a whole lot of that signature salsa.

Sandwich overboard: The "drowning torta"

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