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High-Speed Rail route through SGV likely delayed until at least 2020

The California High-Speed Rail Authority’s budget for the current fiscal year has no funding to create the line whose proposed route passes through Alhambra, according to Alhambra123. “Alhambra and the San Gabriel Valley have a respite from the high-speed rail project," blog author and local activist Dan Bednarski wrote. "I expect the project to remain in stasis for 5 to 7 years and perhaps longer.”

The Rail Authority budget for the current fiscal year, beginning July 1, has no funding for any design, outreach, or other efforts to build the L.A. to San Diego line, which would potentially go through Alhambra and other cities in the San Gabriel Valley.

Instead, the Rail Authority has decided to focus completely on the first phase of the high speed rail project from San Francisco to Anaheim (Phase I). All funding that originally had been requested for the L.A. to San Diego line has been redirected to Phase I. The Rail Authority expects to break ground next year on a segment in the Central Valley between Fresno and Bakersfield. Phase I service is scheduled to begin between San Francisco and Anaheim in 2020.

Bednarski advocates that Alhambra and other cities in the San Gabriel Valley that surround the I-10 should take advantage of the additional time allotted. He stresses that residents need to “proactively consider and plan what we want and need of our future transportation infrastructure and freeway corridors. Doing so will give us a stronger leg to stand on and dictate to the Rail Authority how it may traverse our communities.” 

Read the complete post, including four options that Bednarski argues deserve consideration. 

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1 thought on “High-Speed Rail route through SGV likely delayed until at least 2020”

  1. CHSRA failed to identify to LA and to the San Gabriel Valley that the Phase 1-SF-Anah. Line and Union Station plan will establish whether the SanDiego Line goes by SR60 or I-10 and whether it will be underground, at ground grade, or above Grade (=US-Platform level), or well above Grade (=20–30ft above US-Platform).

    We must be careful not to be put off by CHSRA or disinterested in the Phase 1 – once it is set…everyone will be told you have to live with the Union Station development and the related SanDiego route – it will be too expensive to revise.


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