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Here are the results of our 710 tunnel poll

Almost 400 Alhambra Source readers have answered our poll asking if they support the building of a tunnel to connect the 710 freeway in Alhambra to the 210 freeway in Pasadena. Around 83 percent of those who answered oppose the prospective tunnel, while around 16 percent support it.

One respondent called the prospective tunnel "a hugely extravagant scheme to encourage more trucks to block up an already overused 210," while another wrote, "Cal Trans needs to pay more attention to the experts' facts relating to health, hazards and realize the detriment to all traffic and residents."

On Sunday, the City of Alhambra put on their 4th annual 710 day, with carnival rides, food trucks and information booths to promote the building of the 710 tunnel. Mario Manzanilla, 60, who has lived in Alhambra for more than 20 years, called the tunnel "long overdue," saying, "We finally have a viable solution to completely the 710. If we continue this route [of doing nothing], it's going to get worse."
Alhambra is part of a coalition of San Gabriel Valley cities that are pushing for the tunnel extension, along with Monterey Park, San Marino, Rosemead, and San Gabriel. Cities that oppose the extension include Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, La Canada Flintridge, Glendale, and Los Angeles.
Officials have discussed extending the 710 freeway since 1959, according to a 2012 Metro report. Caltrans and Metro have studied the idea of a tunnel to complete this extension since 2006, and published a draft environmental impact report last year that the public could comment on for a limited time.

6 thoughts on “Here are the results of our 710 tunnel poll”

  1. Alhambra, like many other municipalities, needs to start thinking of a 21 century solution to its 20 century automotive transportation problem. With the state piloting its pay by mile road tax program, Alhambra needs to join forces with other congestion burdened municipalities to push for setting a high user fee for the use of its most congested corridors. This is the only way to bring vehicle traffic back down to the level that the roads were designed to support. The excess road fees can then be used to pay for high quality alternatives to single occupant vehicle transportation, not the crappy systems being promoted today. The technology is ready, we just need the public to support it. People need to take local control of their public roads by charging local user fees. The environmental and health benefits will be substantial.

    1. The congestion is caused by drivers who doesn’t live in Alhambra but one of the cities who opposed any idea to extend the freeway to their own neighborhood. Why not just have toll booths where the 710 ends and any non Alhambra resident will need to pay a toll. Quick fix and less congestion.

  2. Very revealing. Thanks for conducting the survey.

  3. That’s hardly great news Eric. 400 responses on this website isn’t a valid statistical sample of voters out there…

    Just shows anti-710 supporters lurk this website often, especially when “polls” come around. Same with everything else that involves growth and development in and around this city.

    1. Or, Tim, you just don’t want to admit that after the DEIR was released the majority opinion has turned against the project.

  4. What great news. Messina’s malarkey has been punctured and all of the hot air let out.

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