Goudy Honda’s Main Street dealership going green?

A new "green" multi-level vehicle-storage structure and office space is likely to make its way to West Main Street. Goudy Honda automobile dealership, located at 1400 West Main Street, plans to develop and construct a 178,882 square foot vehicle storage structure and approximately 1,280 square foot office space on site. Without the parking structure, the dealership would only be able to sell 100 cars per month instead of its 300-400 range, a representative from the company told the City Council at an Alhambra Redevelopment Agency meeting earlier this month. This structure will have the capacity to hold up to 650 cars.

The proposed structure would use LED lights, motion sensors, recycled water, and solar systems to save energy. Most dealerships use 42-inch concrete barriers so that only the roof of the car is visible from the street, a representative from Goudy Honda said. In this case, the builders will install glass inside the concrete slabs so that the entire car can be visible from street view. In addition, cars will be parked sideways so that potential buyers can see the array of models and colors the dealership has to offer.

The project's cost is estimated at $5.5 million and will likely take six to seven months to complete, with the earliest start date to be set in late December or early January. 

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