Fremont School presented with award for highest level of fitness in LA County

Fremont Elementary was awarded the Los Angeles region winner of the 2010 Governor’s Challenge Competition for Physical Fitness and Sports for the Los Angeles region on Thursday. The school distinguished itself, topping 188 other schools, with its combination of physical education, activity opportunities and nutritional education. The independent non-profit organization's director, Kenny Rogers, presented the school with a $5,000 check for physical fitness equipment and a $1,000 gift card for school supplies at CVS/pharmacy.

Fremont Elementary is a case in point illustrating the "strong correlation between academics and fitness," Rogers said. "As they’ve been supporting nutrition and physical activity, their academic scores have been going up."

The amount of days where students are active for more than 30 minutes was more than any other school in LA county, Rogers said. Fremont Elementary also has a school garden and cooking incorporated into the curriculum, a nutrition advisory council that plans activities, and a festival focused on fitness.

"In this time of tight budgets, everything is getting cut and so we’re really trying to hold onto physical activity and physical education," Rogers said. "We want to encourage every student to be as physically active as they can be, and also to enjoy physical activity, so they will not only be active now, but will develop habits for the rest of their lives."

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