Fraud reports in Alhambra up 42 percent in 2014, vandalism down 12 percent

Fraud reports in Alhambra increased by 42 percent in 2014, with 220 reports last year compared to 155 in 2013. The Alhambra Police Department received the greatest number of fraud reports in June with 31 reports, followed by May with 30, July with 23, and December with 22.

Vandalism reports topped the list of reported crimes in 2014, with 299 incidents last year. However, that's a 12 percent decrease compared to 2013, when 341 incidents were reported. Other commonly reported crimes in the city in 2014 were grand theft with 292 incidents, automobile burglary with 288 incidents, and burglary with 283 incidents.

Reported crimes in Alhambra, 2014. | Data courtesy of the Alhambra Police Department

Reported crimes in Alhambra, 2013-2014. | Data courtesy of the Alhambra Police Department

The data used in our crime-mapping system comes from Alhambra PD's weekly phone call logs. We have sorted through the information to include only those calls that resulted in either a booking (BKG), citation (CITE), or report (RPT) to provide the most accurate statistics.

The interactive maps below shows all major reported crimes in December. Click on the icons for more information.

If you witness or are a victim of a crime, you can file a report through the Alhambra Police Department Citizen Online Reporting system or by calling 626-300-1529. For general information or to report a non-emergency situation call 626-570-5151.

阿罕布拉警局記錄表示,此地圖記錄和跟蹤犯罪舉報和交通意外。如果您是目擊者或者受害人,您可以通過 阿罕布拉警局市民網上舉報系統 舉報或者致電 626-300-1529。了解詳情或非緊急情況舉報請撥打626-570-5151.

El mapa refleja los delitos denunciados y los accidentes de tránsito, según datos del Departamento de Policía de Alhambra. Si usted es testigo de un delito, puede denunciarlo a través del sistema de denuncia por internet para ciudadanos del Departamento de Policía de Alhambra (Police Department Citizen Online Reporting system) o llamando al 626-300-1529. Para obtener información general o dar parte de una situación que no es una emergencia puede llamar al 626-570-5151.

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