Flood alert

Residents of wind-damaged communities, including Alhambra, are at risk of street flooding during rainstorms and Los Angeles County Public Works is urging residents not put debris in the street.

County Public Works spokesperson, Bob Spencer, said in a statement that despite the efforts of county and city clean-up crews, it would be several weeks before roads would be completely clear of debris and this could contribute to risks during heavy rainfall.

"The potential for localized street flooding could be serious if we get significant amounts of rainfall," Spencer said. "Residents of impacted communities need to stay alert to the possibility of such flooding."

Officials said in a statement that the flood control system had been prepared for the approaching rain but that additional inspections were being made in windstorm affected areas to determine whether any extra clean out of channels was necessary. More from Public Works on proper disposal of debris:

Residents are also advised to continue to use their large green waste bins for smaller tree debris and to contact their waste hauler to arrange pick-up of additional excess tree debris on their regular trash collection day. Unacceptable items for green waste bins include palm tree branches, bamboo, soil, painted or treated wood.The removal and clearing of tree waste or green debris that is not in the public right of way is the responsibility of private property owners. Waste and debris should not be dumped in public rights of way or flood control channels.Property owners who suffered damage to vehicles, homes or other property caused by fallen trees or tree limbs should contact their private insurers for the proper handling of claims.

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