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First Ryan Stringer Memorial Scholarship Award presented

Eight outstanding high school students were awarded the first Ryan Stringer Memorial Scholarship at the Alhambra Police Station Wednesday night. The scholarship is named after the police officer who was killed in an automobile collision while pursuing a robbery on July 10, 2011.

The Alhambra Police Department along with the Stringer family chose students from the Alhambra Unified School District who best personified Ryan’s quest to live life to the fullest. From a pool of 30 students selected to interview for the scholarship, eight were awarded a $1000 scholarship award. Rather than academic achievement, the emphasis in selection was on community participation and extracurricular activities. "It wasn't about the grades," said Ryan's father, Sonny Stringer. "It was about the people who lived like Ryan."

Stringer presented the awards to Karen Lam, Eric Alvarez, Ezra Broadus, Amber Castro, Priscilla Alfaro, Thomas Richetts, Angel Jimenez, and Ngoc Hua. He recognized each of them and read their activities including varsity sports, Red Cross, drama club and church.

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  1. My sister Amber was one of the scholarship winners. Neat.

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