Finding a jungle in Alhambra

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We found doctoral student Brett Bays' image of his friend Jaime Wong's verdant Alhambra backyard via Flickr.

The photo: "I took this photo of my friend Jaime Wong, who lives in Alhambra and owns a vintage shop in LA called Raggedy Threads, because I was so amazed with the fact that she had a jungle literally overflowing behind her house, and because she's an awesome person."

The photographer: Brett Bays is a grad student at UC-Riverside, working on his PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, who takes pictures for fun, plays music, and visits his friends in Los Angeles whenever he has the time and gas money.

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1 thought on “Finding a jungle in Alhambra”

  1. Whoa this is super cool! I don't think anyone would ever guess that this pic was taken in Alhambra. Where about in Alhambra does she live? 

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