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Final count is in: Alhambra City Councilman won seat by just 556 votes

Elizabeth Salinas, an immigration attorney and political newcomer, lost by a tighter than previously reported margin against incumbent Councilman Dr. Steven Placido in November to represent Alhambra's fourth district. Placido was confident throughout the race that he would win the election, but Salinas lost by just 556 votes, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. 

Early results showed that Salinas had lost by 682 votes, a race she felt was too close to ignore. "A lot of people did vote for me and it's a wake up call to everybody,” Salinas told Pasadena Star-News the day after the election. “He has an opportunity here and he shouldn't waste it, and he should remember that he works for us.”

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10 thoughts on “Final count is in: Alhambra City Councilman won seat by just 556 votes”

  1. @ Band Shoes,

    Yeah, I also voted for Placido but even if he had lost, you won’t see me salivating over how close he almost won. As you stated, you had to do much debating on who to vote for. Maybe you should know more about “yourself” because apparently you were 50/50 on the candidates. Don’t know what you value more in each candidate, but I did.

    If “liking” the guy is your explanation on how you vote, then I’m sure many things are “newsworthy” for you…

  2. I agree with Big Steve and Resident,

    She still lost and regardless how close she was, who’s to say the demographics will shift in her favor or not come around next election time. All speculation and no substance, regardless how many hyperlinks one spits out to support this or that point.

    The only people who are marinating in all the details are those who wished she had won. It’s so obvious by the comments here.

    Just look at the article, how Mr. Placido was
    “CONFIDENT” and how it ends with Mrs. Salinas comments reminding the incumbent how “he works for us”… No congratulatory remarks for the winner, just sore loser comments. Yeah, no bias right? Almost every liberal news source will have a political slant, including the Alhambra Source!

    Like what Big Steve said… GET OVER IT!!!

    1. Political slant? The Source published a quote that voiced an opinion.

      I don’t find the Alhambra Source with much of a slant at all.

      Liberal news sources all have political slants? Probably so. We’re lucky that conservative news sources such as Fox news doesn’t have a political slant at all.

    2. bandshoesfromprobers


      “The only people who are marinating in all the details are those who wished she had won. It’s so obvious by the comments here.”

      Not true. After much debate, I voted for Placido because I like the guy, but I’m still interested by how close the race was. I thought both were good candidates. Too bad Salinas wasn’t living in Messina’s district instead. Having both Placido and Salinas on the city council would’ve been great.

      As for” telling people to “GET OVER IT!!!,” just because you don’t think it’s newsworthy doesn’t mean it’s not newsworthy to other people in this fine city of ours. Hey, you have every right to your opinion, but so do the other people. So get over *yourself*, why dontcha? Live and let live.

  3. I agree with Dan and don’t see any bias.

    It is amazing that Ms. Salinas lost by such a small margin considering she:

    1. had no or very few political endorsements.
    2. had no mailings.
    3. was not the incumbent. (not much name recognition)
    4. had small lawn signs.
    5. had very little money to spend on a campaign.

    While I congratulate Mr. Placido on his reelection, City Council should take note that almost 50% of the people wanted a change. That’s significant.

  4. @Big Steve: This is relevant and newsworthy. Most news outlets currently are reporting on the final vote tallies relevant to their communities especially when, as in this case, the vote tally narrows or the margin is otherwise thinner than previously reported.

    I personally don’t see the bias. According to several articles during the election cycle, Dr. Placido chose not to respond to inquiries by the Alhambra Source. It isn’t a secret that candidates who interact with news organizations will get more exposure through articles written about them, as well as get quoted in relevant stories. If you’re referring to specific instances of clear bias, beyond just the number of articles about/mentioning Ms. Salinas, then you might want to point out specific instances of the bias to support your assertion.

    Moreover, the Alhambra Source is a community supported and community operated news organization. If you see bias toward one direction, then get involved to help right the ship. For example, you can point out the bias with concrete examples as you see it happen instead of making blanket assertions long after-the-fact. You can also contribute articles you find relevant to our community. http://www.alhambrasource.org/write-take-photos-shoot-video

  5. I am very thankful to all the Alhambra residents who supported me in my run for office. Although I would have liked to have won and been able to represent all Alhambrans, I am nevertheless extremely proud of our effort.

    The fact that I (a new comer to politics) garnered nearly 49% of the vote is quite telling of the state of affairs in Alhambra. The election results indicate that nearly half of the voting electorate in Alhambra is not pleased with the status quo and with Steve Placido in particular. 49% of voting Alhambrans want to see change in our local government and in how things are done. We demand that our elected officials answer to the will of the people and not solely acquiesce to the desires of developers who only want to turn a profit in Alhambra without any regard as to the lasting, negative impacts that their development may have on surrounding historical, neighborhoods.

    Alhambra Source never endorsed my candidacy and remained neutral throughout. They wanted to interview both of us candidates but Steve refused to participate in the interview. They ended up just running the article with my answers to the interview questions.

    As a resident of Alhambra, I for one am very happy that Alhambra Source exists. It provides complete, unbiased coverage on Alhambra news; unlike the Around Alhambra run by the Chamber of Commerce which provides little in the way of substantive news and will not publish anything that could potentially portray the City in a negative light. The election was a significant event in the City yet it got no coverage in our local paper. The Midwick Tract/City Ventures development issue was (and is) a significant issue- again no coverage by our local paper.

    The Alhambra Source, through its community blog allows for something, that we can’t get from our local government: the free flow of ideas and dissent, quintessential to any democracy. I find it pretty funny that anyone would accuse Alhambra Source of bias in its coverage of the election.

    What about the City Council’s bias? At a recent City Council Meeting that took place shortly before the election, an Alhambra Resident got up to speak during public comment. As she proceeded to speak and express her objection to statements made by Steve Placido, she was interrupted at least twice by Mayor Messina and in essence silenced. The message was clear: we support Steve Placido and we will not have any criticism of him on the record. It was censorship and bias and its core.

    I will continue to use my voice and am grateful that Alhambra Source provides a forum for ALL voices.

  6. Alhambra Resident

    Thanks Steve for pointing this out. Mr. Placido won and he will continue providing the direction this city needs.

  7. Get over it… She still lost, the better candidate won. Even though this supposedly “community news” oriented blog slanted in her favor and supported her every chance it got. That not “news” thats bias.