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Fifth Alhambra pedestrian killed in the past three years, struck by vehicle on Main Street

An Alhambra resident was pronounced dead about two hours after a traffic collision Monday morning, according to an Alhambra Police Department news release. The latest fatal accident follows a trend, in which all pedestrians who died after getting struck by a vehicle in the past three years were identified as senior citizens. 

Tien Anh Chung traveled northbound on Third Street on foot to cross Main Street when an orange Ford cargo van, going eastbound, struck her while turning left onto Main Street, Sgt. Jerry Johnson said. The 69-year-old Chung was transported to a trauma center and pronounced dead at 10:53 a.m.

The driver, a 38-year-old Bellflower resident, was cooperative with the investigators, according to the news release. Astorga Noe did not appear to be under the influence, but the investigation is still ongoing. Alhambra Police Department was notified at 9:08 a.m. about the accident. 

In 2011, Alhambra was ranked the most dangerous city for elder pedestrians, the Source reported. Here are four other fatal accidents reported to Alhambra PD in the past three years:

  • 75-year-old woman struck by a car on Main Street and Cedar Street in May 2016 
  • 87-year-old man struck by car on Main Street and Hidalgo in Nov. 2015
  • 93-year-old woman struck by a van on Valley Boulevard and Olive Avenue in Sept. 2015
  • 68-year-old woman struck by car on Garfield Avenue and McLean Street in July 2014

Other fatal pedestrian-vehicle accidents have occurred in neighboring cities. An 80-year-old male pedestrian was struck on Hellman and Hathaway in Monterey Park, then dragged into Alhambra by the SUV in January.

Plans to increase pedestrian safety in Alhambra for elder residents and folks with disabilities are on the table. City Manager Mark Yokoyama recommended using federal funds to build four High Intensity Activated Crosswalks, among other projects, after City Council dropped their original plan to build a parking structure at Almansor Park in a Sept. meeting.

Witnesses of the Oct. 24 collision should contact Officer Cisneros from the police department at 626-570-5119.

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3 thoughts on “Fifth Alhambra pedestrian killed in the past three years, struck by vehicle on Main Street”

  1. I see many Senior Citizens, specially Asians, simply “thinking coming vehicles will automatically stop for them,” then simply walk unto a street, without being a “defensive pedestrians”; perhaps they do not know the laws, maybe they’re distracted, but I see far to many situations when either drivers or pedestrians are careless. Perhaps the Senior Citizen Department might also get involved, organize sessions; specially aimed at Asian Senior Citizens to train on traffic laws, safety measures.On Friday, November 4th I stopped for the redlight corner pof Main & Atlantic, I was heading north, ready to make a right (east) oin Main Street. As soon as my light turned green, as I started to make the right-hand turn, an elderly Asian woman appeared suddenly crossing north on Atlantic, without looking either way to make sure it was safe to cross, she just SUDDENLY started crossing, but luckily I saw her and was able to stop, otherwise she might have ben another accident.These situations are very frequent in Alhambra – WE NEED DRIVER/PEDESTRIAN SAFETY, and oh YES, as another reader wrote – people are texting while driving!!!

  2. That’s what happens when you have overdevelopment.

  3. I am a daily pedestrian in this city. I cross Main St every day. This is what I see:


    Driving TOO fast.

    Running through red lights.

    On cell phones(yes, I see people holding their cellphone to their head quite often)

    A certain percentage of drivers around here probably SHOULD NOT be allowed behind the wheel.


    Not obeying stop light laws. When the hand is red, they should NOT be crossing street, but do anyway.

    Assuming that people will stop for them. WRONG! When I cross street, I look at all cars to see if they are in fact stopped or stopping BEFORE I move forward.

    The police will never be able to stop all bad drivers. I have come to the conclusion that pedestrians have to take safety into their own hands. If you are killed or maimed by a car, it will usually be called a terrible accident and the rest of the world will move on while you sit in a wheelchair or are dead.

    Dont cross the street with your head straight ahead. Its ok to “stare” at the cars to insure they are stopping. Do not go in front of an oncoming moving car assuming it will stop for you just because you have the right of way.

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