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Jornada: A Global Dance Journey



San Gabriel Mission Playhouse
320 South Mission Drive
San Gabriel , California 91776 United States

The Mission Playhouse continues to champion artistic adventure and cultural diversity as it presents its third annual dance extravaganza Jornada in partnership with Alhambra based Arte-Flamenco Dance Theatre.

Jornada traces the origins and influence of Flamenco throughout the world, from the ancient cultures of Asia and old Europe to the Americas. The dream-child of Clarita Corona – Arte-Flamenco’s Artistic Director – Jornada celebrates the connections between what might seem to be disparate cultures and traditions and highlights these connections in a visceral, explosive way, full of the passion that she brings to all of her work.

Clarita has extensive experience as a dancer, singer, choreographer and teacher in all facets of Spanish dance, covering regional Spanish dance, Escuela Bolera and Flamenco. She has trained with and worked alongside some of Flamenco’s most celebrated artists and had the honor of being the only American Flamenco artist to be invited to perform for the former president of Spain.

As a folk tradition, Flamenco embodies a spirit of a people and the spirit of the journey, and in each of the three Jornada’s, Clarita has invited other companies that celebrate their own traditions. In previous years, the show has integrated Irish, Mexican, Algerian and South Indian dance and this year, the show brings together dancers and musicians to present Spanish, South Asian, Persian and Mongolian music and dance.

Each Jornada is a vibrant celebration of dance and an energetic testament to the underlying unity of humanity and the human experience, Clarita says “You can really feel it in the room when not only the artists onstage, but also the audience suddenly have that “Ah!” moment, when they see how we are all connected. It’s a beautiful moment.”

You can experience this moment, and of course, many others, at the San Gabriel Mission Playhouse, Sunday, April 29, at 7:30pm.

Tickets start at $30 (discounts available, fees apply to tickets purchased online/over the phone). To learn more, visit www.missionplayhouse.org.

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