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Could Immigration Laws Separate Your Family? Prepare in Advance



301 West 1st Street
Los Angeles , California 90012 United States

Tuesday, May 1 6:45 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

The deportation of undocumented parents can have devastating and long-term consequences for their children—they can be left without any person having the legal authority to enroll them in school or authorize medical treatment, and many will be risk of entering the foster care system. This workshop offers undocumented parents the opportunity to work with volunteer attorneys to learn about practical steps and tools to provide for their children’s care and safety should the parents be deported from the country. Volunteer attorneys will provide basic information and one-on-one assistance with drafting a caregiver’s affidavit and nominating a guardian.

Topics include:

Making a plan of action for the care of children
How caregivers can enroll a child in school and authorize medical treatment
The different rights and responsibilities of formal vs. informal caregivers
Probate legal guardianship as an option for caregivers

Presented by: Diego Cartagena, VP of Legal Programs, Bet Tzedek Legal Services (www.bettzedek.org)

LA Law Library does not provide legal advice:
LA Law Library does not provide legal advice. LA Law Library provides legal resources and assistance with legal research as an educational service. The Law Library is pleased to offer our patrons the opportunity to obtain assistance from third party legal service providers at this and other events within the Library. However, the Library does not control and is not responsible for the content or scope of any assistance given by those providers.

To register please visit lawweek.lalawlibrary.org

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