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Electric bicycles gain a foothold in the SGV

World Journal (世界日报) reports that electric bicycles are slowly becoming more common in the San Gabriel area.

In China, in contrast, the market is already booming. According to electric vehicle industry newsletter EV Insider, "Last year, the booming Asian economy manufactured about 25 million EV 2-wheelers, of which some 600,000 were exported.

Electric bicycles are environmental friendly, light, and do not require gasoline or license. The major expenditure of riding an electric bicycle is the cost of battery, which costs around $550 each. Fully charged bicycle can run for 16 miles, but the distance decreases as the battery deteriorates over time.

Still, the trend while increasing locally has yet to fully take off. The owner of a bicycle shop on Main Street told World Journal that because the sales of electric bicycles fall far behind those of standard bicycles, the shop did not stock any electric bicycle and would only order upon costumers’ request.

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3 thoughts on “Electric bicycles gain a foothold in the SGV”

  1. Something to the potential users and state of California to consider. A bicycle is a vehicle (single track vehicle). If these electric bicycles are to be used, they should be treated the same way motorcycles are treated. Isn’t it true that there is an electric motor that powers these units? The DMV has every rights to enforce a license requirement and annual vehicle registration. DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles. So yes, these bicycles meets the requirement of having a motor and is a vehicle.

  2. With the cost of gas sky high and the economy in the dumps, we will probably see more and more people on two-wheeled transportation. The solution to keeping bikes of all sorts off the sidewalks is for residents of City of Alhambra and surrounding communities to support protected bike routes.

  3. There are two problems with these electric bicycles. First of all they are being driven on sidewalks. Secondly, they are not licensed in any way like other powered vehicles.

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