Election 2012: Chau vs. Lin

Edwin "Ed" Chau (D) and Dr. Matthew Lin (R) spoke Wednesday evening at a 49th State Assembly District candidates forum sponsored by the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce. Chau and Lin covered local issues like education, jobs, and the 710 freeway extension in a Q&A session with the Chamber and audience members. Here's a breakdown of where they stand by issue.


Chau: "Establish some kind of entity, let’s say information center, for [entrepreneurs] to have access to. So when they think about opening their own business, they have a place to go.”

Lin: "Relocate business back to our area…Our businesses are relocating to Texas, Arizona, Nevada, because they can’t afford it here. We need to stop it…When a new business comes in, we [should] look at it like a baby. Put it in an incubator and let it grow."


Chau: "The state has been taking money away from local school districts, resulting in our inability to provide quality education for our kids…I’m in support of Prop 30, and I think this will ease that pressure a little bit…Education is what really helped me. It opened many doors. It is the great equalizer in life. And I think we need to invest in education. We need to invest in the next generation. We need to provide them with the necessary resources to succeed in life."

Lin: "If you want to know where California is going, go to the classroom. That is our future. We need to invest in our future. There’s no other choice. I come here, I sit here, because of education…Some districts are really doing very poorly…and that may not have to do with the funding coming to the school. There’s a lot of stuff involved. Parents’ participation, the teacher incentives, and the governing of the school district have a lot to do with the results of the student outcome."


Chau: "Nobody likes taxes…but judging from the education standpoint, we have no choice but to pass [Prop 30]. Which is temporary."

Lin: "We as citizens, we should pay fair tax. Everybody should pay fair tax. There’s no doubt in my mind…If there’s no other way around it, to raise funds or cut expense, sure, I will go along to raise the tax. But when I look through the budget, our state budget, there’s a lot of expense we need to cut before we really raise tax."


Chau: "I am in support of completing the 710 freeway and that has been my position since day one…The tunnel option is the option I would prefer. And obviously, having said that, I think what we want to do now is to find ways to cause the least disruption to the neighborhood. Whether it's acquisition of additional homes or whatever it is, we need to find ways to minimize that disruption."

Lin: "I’m all for it. I want the state to finish up the freeway as bad as anybody else. There’s no reason to delay. I think we have enough studies already in the last 50 years. If you really want to start another study, another 50 years, don’t vote for me because I’m the one who’s going to get it completed."


Chau: "It took us a while to get into this whole problem, and my thinking is it’s going to take a similar amount of time for us to get back out of it. And when it comes to balancing the budget, I think the general approach that I would advocate for is 1) we need to raise revenue and 2) we need to make cuts so that we can have a balance…One thing we need to do is make sure that we keep the money that we have, and keep it transparent so that the voters and people out there know exactly where the money is and we don’t hide the money."

Lin: "There’s a long way to go, but grow our revenue. Not by increasing taxes, but by growing our business…I think the way to do it is by stopping businesses from relocating to other states…Cut waste. Streamline our welfare and healthcare systems."

3 thoughts on “Election 2012: Chau vs. Lin”

  1. Well that’s bad news for me. I live in San Marino near the border and I understand there is a high likelihood that the tunnels will end up possibly skirting around ground fault and water issues and go directly under some of our houses here in San Marino. Worse yet, those who live with in the subsidence zones will not be able to sell our homes – due to the inability to insure.

    I wont be voting for either of these men. Do we have a third choice? Anyone doing a write in campaign? Perhaps when my neighbors find out what Metro has in mind for us – we can get whoever wins the 49th. recalled because surely they don’t represent the interests of our beloved San Marino.

  2. Glad to know both of them want to finish the 710 fwy gap.

  3. Sounds like Dr Lin is taking the Paul Ryan line – cut, cut, cut (Medicare, Social Security,other social net programs), but no mention of having the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes

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