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Elderly male pedestrian dies after getting struck by car

  • Photo by Alhambra Source

An 80-year-old male pedestrian was killed this afternoon after he was struck by a SUV in the area of Hellman and Hathaway, just west of Atlantic, authorities said.

The vehicle that struck an 80-year-old pedestrianThe Alhambra Police Department received a call about the incident at 3:05pm. The driver, a female in her 30s, stopped the vehicle after she'd dragged the victim for some distance, said Sergeant Gerald Johnson of the APD. The car stopped north of Wetherhead Dr in Alhambra. The driver remained at the scene when authorities arrived. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The police are trying to determine the precise locations of where the crash occurred and ended. While the victim ended up in Alhambra, the initial contact at Hathaway and Hellman is located at the north border of Monterey Park. The incident falls under the jurisdiction of Monterey Park. The Monterey Park Police Department are in charge of the investigation. 

6 thoughts on “Elderly male pedestrian dies after getting struck by car”

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  2. As someone close to the family, I can tell you this man’s family is truly devastated by what occurred. I feel all of you ought to know the facts. This kind man left his home at approximately 2:15 pm that day. He went for a walk and to buy a newspaper from a nearby market. He was struck by a minivan as he was crossing at the crosswalk. The minivan was headed westbound on Hellman Ave and made a left onto Hathaway Ave striking the man as he was crossing the street at 3 pm in broad daylight. The driver, after striking the man, continued driving for approximately another 3/4 to 1 mile, ultimately stopping once she pulled into her own driveway of her house. All the while the elderly man was trapped underneath the vehicle and dragged to his death. The woman driver claims she had no idea she hit anyone. According to Monterey Park PD the case is still under investigation. The family urges all eyewitnesses to come forward and report what you know to Detective Julian of the Monterey Park Police at 626-307-1238.

    1. I live close by and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the driver KNEW she hit somebody before driving away. There is nothing hidden in the way of turning. I would’ve charged her with hit-and-run and SUE her for the death of this poor elderly man who might’ve survived if she hadn’t dragged his body down the street, thinking she might get away. I hope it haunts her forever.

  3. I think, more and more, we’re experiencing more accidents like this one, specially among older Asian people. I see many older Asian people cross a street even against heavy traffic, sometimes even crossing a street against the red light, sometime simply not paying attention to traffic. I don’t know why this occurs so much with older Asians, perhaps it’s just because there is a large Asian community (“pool” for more victims). Whenever I drive in the area, I drive defensively specially when approaching a cross-walk and older Asian people are in the vicinity – drivers behind me get mad start honking their horns, giving me “the one-finger salute”, but better to be alert and not injure anyone. Perhaps people in the Asian community might organize some type of outreach educational programs aimed at older Asian residents to “educate” them regarding being a careful pedestrian; traffic situations, “defensive” walking, much like a traffic school, but this aimed at pedestrians.

    1. @Richard – Do you have facts about the collision that we don’t? Was the elderly gentleman crossing against a light or outside a (marked or unmarked) crosswalk? Nothing I’ve seen suggests that either are the case. Without those facts available you come off as callously blaming the victim. It also makes it seem you’re taking advantage of this accident to make generalizations about elderly Asians.
      For what it’s worth, I’ve walked in the same area and have almost been hit by drivers not paying attention to the road or ignoring rules about who has the right of way. I’ve also seen elderly people not finish crossing Atlantic and other streets because the light is too short for them (they retain the right of way in that case). And, as a driver, I rarely see elderly people of any group who aren’t aware or paying attention to the roadway they’re crossing.

  4. My condolences to the family of this gentleman. Nobody should die under these circumstances.
    Sounds like a failed hit-and-run based on all the facts here and other news outlets. How can you not see or feel your car hitting someone? And how can you drag a person that far without realizing something is wrong and stopping to inspect the car. I’d like the DA’s office to explain those questions if it chooses not to file charges.

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