Dumpling dispute reenacted with CGI

SGTribune.com's Crime Scene blog turned us onto this CGI reenactment from Taiwanese television of former San Gabriel Mayor Huang's alleged dumpling fight, purse snatching, and 45-mile-per-hour ride with his female companion on the running board of his SUV. Here's the link.

The reenactment starts about 30 seconds in, when the female companion tosses a dumpling dish like a frisbee at the mayor's head, and he responds by dousing her with vinegar. For the record, the New Taste Dumpling House owner said the xiao long bao were in a metal steamer, not wood like in the reenactment. But that, and many other details here, are clearly open to artistic interpretation. For example, note the background as the female companion grasps the SUV — looks more like they are cruising through Brooklyn than the San Gabriel Valley.

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  1. These re enactments crack me up. The Tiger Woods one was great!

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