Downed substation causes power outage in Alhambra

Parts of Alhambra experienced a power outage Monday morning due to a downed substation, the City of Alhambra posted on Facebook. Most power will be restored by 11 a.m., according to Southern California Edison.

Several traffic signals stopped working Monday as a result of the outage, which started around 8:48 a.m., the Alhambra Police Department posted on Facebook. The agency asked residents to use caution when approaching these intersections, which are to be treated as four-way stops.

For more information, contact Southern California Edison at (800) 611-1911.

1 thought on “Downed substation causes power outage in Alhambra”

  1. I saw people and even school buses running through these signals on Main St without even stopping. Many people either don’t know or forgot that they are to be treated as a four-way stop sign when not working.

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