Dog day afternoon at Alhambra Park

[email protected] are portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

Howard F. is a street photographer who specializes in his suburban environment. Earlier this year at the Eco Fair  at Alhambra Park, Howard's dog Sammy took a break in front of the Dogtown Dog's truck creating the perfect opportunity for a photo.

The photo: It was one of those weird spring days where the temperature shot up into the 90's. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and Alhambra Park was hosting an Eco Fair with food trucks. I always read them on the Internet or see them on TV, but never had a chance for a taste. So my wife and I decided to walk our dog and have a bite at one of these food trucks. Our dog Sammy — a Cockerpoo mix — was still in his winter coat. Two minutes into the walk he had his tongue hanging all the way out and feeling the heat, but still in good spirit. Of all the shaded trees at the park Sammy decided to stop in front of Dogtown Dogs' truck. It was perfection — hot dog in front of hot dog truck.

The photographer:  "I'm a street photographer taking photos of the suburbs. These photos are sort of like snippets in a diary entry. I enjoy photography and I enjoy collecting cameras as well. When I have free time, I am either out there taking photos or thinking about taking photos or edit an old photo to give it a new twist. Whether it was captured on film camera, digital camera or on my iPhone, I do all my editing on an iPad 2."

Howard F. used a Nikdon D700 for this photo. We found him on Flickr.

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