Do not feed the animals: City Council prohibits the feeding of wildlife in Alhambra parks

Alhambra City Council voted March 10 to prohibit the feeding of wild animals in city parks and public grounds in Alhambra.

When members of the public feed the migrating birds and waterfowl at Almansor Park, the animals adapt to the unnatural sources of food and become reluctant to migrate, according to the Feb. 24 City Council agenda prepared by city staff. This overpopulation causes property damage, additional maintenance needs, and health risks to the waterfowl and those who feed them, the agenda said.

"There are issues with members of the public feeding the turtles, feral cats, and migrating birds that don't want to migrate because of food being given to them that isn't necessarily good for their health and is also creating health conditions in the parks themselves," City Attorney Joseph Montes said at the Feb. 24 council meeting, adding that signage will be posted directing visitors not to feed the animals.

Weren't able to attend the March 10 meeting? You can watch it here. City Council usually meets every second and fourth Monday of the month on the second floor of City Hall: 111 S. First St., Alhambra, Calif., 91801. The next regular meeting will be on March 24 at 5:30 p.m. 

9 thoughts on “Do not feed the animals: City Council prohibits the feeding of wildlife in Alhambra parks”

  1. I remember I read a story here in AlhambraSource several months ago about Alhambra’s parks. A couple people already complained about the condition of Almansor and Story Parks. I paid a visit to a restroom at Almansor Park a couple days ago and it literally stinked. The flush of some urinals sprays water to the user. And at some urinals, it takes several (as many as 6 or 7) flushes to flush away the urine. That is why the cleaning checklist put up by Parks and Recreation does not include “Clean the floor and flush clean the toilets and urinals.” The Department definitely is doing a poor job.

  2. I suggest we put a sign at the Parks and Recreation Director’s office : “Do your job”.

  3. Really?
    This is the driving thought of the day?.
    So if we feed the birds it will interfer with their natural migration… but the big, well watered park and golf course won’t affect them at all – right?
    And I really feel so sad for those running or walking on the track when they get a bit of poo on their shoes. Really?!? So you wipe off on the grass before you leave and problem solved.
    Now you’ve put up a sign warning folks not to feed the…
    What if I do?
    Are the police going to be there to write me up?
    Will the ticket be the same if I feed a squirel instead of a duck?
    Please people! If this were the biggest problem we faced as a community I’d say “Let’s talk it over” But it isn’t. In fact it seems rather a joke.

    1. For your own health, please do not just wipe poo off your shoes in the grass. Not to smart an idea.

  4. Interesting comments regarding Almansor Park. I use to enjoy the walking track, but it was very dirty with animal excretion; kids on skate boards; an Asian woman selling her garden vegetables from the back of her truck, blocking the walkway and even though I reported these situations to the head of the parks, nothing was done. I quit going to the park.I LOVE the comment by Jus’ lurking about putting a sign at city hall asking developers “Not to feed to council-members” FUNNY, BUT TRUE!

  5. Excrement is not the only thing that is disgusting. Look at the restrooms in Almansor Park. Restrooms in a McDonald’s or the nearby Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel are much better. The city staff put up a cleaning checklist on the restroom walls last year and you know what’s missing on the checklist? “Clean the floor and flush the urinals”. They don’t want to do those so they don’t put it on the checklist.

  6. At one time I walked the Almansor park track almost daily. It has become disgusting with hundreds of Mudhend and squirrels. There is excrement all over the track on the upper end by the water pond. I see people feeding these birds and rodents all the time. Put up the signs, that is fine, but there will have to be enforcement also. Talk about blight in Alhambra, just take a look at Almansor Park, disgusting. I now walk the city’s uprooted sidewalks. What a joke.

  7. Living near Almansor Park

    I think bird feeding is never allowed in parks. Part of the problem is that the city has tolerated it and never enforced the ban. The park staff has allowed people to feed birds right in front of them. Dogs, and with respect to the jogging trail, walkers, strollers, skateboards, etc, are also disallowed but the park staff has turned a blind eye.

  8. And in related news, Alhambra residents have posted a sign outside of City Hall asking developers that they, “Please Do Not Feed the Council-members.”

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