Daughter of Mrs. Lin to open San Marino Psychic

Call it a psychic dynasty: The daughter of Mrs. Lin, who has predicted fortunes from the little red shack shop on Mission and Atlantic for nearly 15 years, will next week open her own shop in San Marino. (Read more about Mrs. Lin here).  Kate Chen, 40, said she has been a psychic since she was a teenager. It helped being the daughter of Mrs Lin, but it wasn't only the genes — her sister didn't inherit the gift. For the past 14 years, Chen has worked part-time with Lin, who is very supportive of her daughter's aspirations. In San Marino, she'll give psychic, tarot and angel card, and astrological readings. She also plans to teach tarot card workshops in the future and says in addition to a reading, she will try help the client use the lessons for a therapeutic benefit.
San Marino Psychic, 1461 San Marino Ave, San Marino.  Business hours will be Monday-Saturday 10-5, Sunday by appointment.  Will open on February 16.

4 thoughts on “Daughter of Mrs. Lin to open San Marino Psychic”

  1. The fact that this fraudster is not only still in business, but her daughters are starting their own franchise for suckers, and Trump is the lead GOP candidate—proves there’s no shortage of idiots in this world.

  2. If she can predict the next MegaMillions lottery numbers, sign me up.

  3. “It helped being the daughter of Mrs Lin, but it wasn’t only the genes — her sister didn’t inherit the gift.”

    What’s to inherit? All one has to do is study the teachings of P.T. Barnum.

    1. it Is inherited , sorry you don’t believe that, and p.t Barnum quits are not necessary

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