Crimes reported in Alhambra: Feb 27 – Mar 7

According to our crime map, three hit-and-runs were reported on the intersection of Valley and Fremont Avenue in the last week.

Zoom in on the map below for a more detailed view. Click on the icons for the date and location of the crime reported. 

You can report a crime using the Alhambra Police Department Citizen Online Reporting system or by calling 626-300-1529. For general information or to report a non-emergency situation call 626-570-5151. 

Source: Alhambra Police Department

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  1. Valley and Fremont is just crazy anytime between 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. so it’s not surprising.

    Just curious: what does ‘vandalism’ cover? Is it just graffiti or does it also apply to flyers posted on walls and telephone polls?

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