Crimes reported and traffic accidents in Alhambra *UPDATED

The map tracks crimes reported and traffic accidents from March 13 to March 19, according to Alhambra Police Department records.

Police have also identified a series of robberies that they believe are related where a Latino man in his 20s is approaching Asian residents as they pull into their driveways.

You can report a crime using the Alhambra Police Department Citizen Online Reporting system or by calling 626-300-1529. For general information or to report a non-emergency situation call 626-570-5151.

*Techonologically savvy readers we need your help!* We are uploading the lists using an excel spreadsheet, but the department provides them in a pdf. Can anyone convert the document and save us the time of reentering data? This Google document is a spreadsheet with data made from the pdf. If there are any trends you would like us to follow, or other ideas for visual representation, please let us know!  E-mail or comment below.

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