Crime, transportation, housing/development top concerns of Alhambra residents

Journalists, communication researchers and Alhambra residents initiated the Alhambra Source in an effort to create a local news website that responds to community concerns. The University of Southern California Annenberg Metamorphosis research group post insights gleaned through our work. As we share what we have learned, we hope you will let us know what you think through comments.

Alhambra Source readers and contributors have identified crime, transportation and housing/development as the main challenges currently facing their community. Unsafe driving, education and economic concerns follow closely.  The main concerns differed slightly from those reported by the general population of the city, where for example housing and development were mentioned by only 3% of respondents.

Two weeks ago, we posted a story about the community issues that Alhambra residents see as particularly pressing. In that post, USC contributor Nancy Chen shared what we had learned from a community survey of 400 Alhambra residents. We asked you, the website readers and contributors, to tell us what you thought were important local concerns. Many thanks to those who participated.

The online poll had 30 responses, and most of the Alhambra Source readers participating in it gave multiple answers.  Two new concerns were mentioned in addition to the ones already in the poll: the lack of bicycle paths, and the need of transparency in city government.  See the full results in the table below.

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