Coyotes roam Alhambra, readers chime in on their locations

Residents have reported seeing coyotes around the city, with some sightings taking place in their backyards. Through emails and recent comments on the Alhambra Source, readers have informed us on the location of these sightings.

The roaming animals have been spotted all over Alhambra, from the north side on Alhambra Road to the south side near the 10 Freeway. 

Resident Veronica Chan wrote to us saying that her rabbit’s cage was destroyed in an encounter. “It seems it may have successfully taken my bunny considering there was blood.”

One reader, self identified as “Bonquiqui,” emailed the Source reporting a sighting that had taken place just before 2 a.m. “I was getting dropped off and I saw a coyote running down on Hellman. It was running from the Keppel side of Hellman down to Atlantic.”

Bill Moran says the animals have wandered into commercial areas. “I seen a coyote on Stoneman/Shorb last night. Went into the shopping center where Yogurtland is located.”

Check out our coyote map to see where these sightings are located. The map includes sightings from as far back as 2013. The red markers indicate encounters that were reported to us in the past four months.

The Alhambra Police Department wrote a Facebook post on Tuesday saying they have been getting phone calls about coyotes. “Unfortunately, Animal Control's resources are tight and not a lot can be done since they are a roaming wild animal. However, citizens can prevent harm to their small animals by keeping them inside during the night,” the department said in their post.

The City of Alhambra’s website has some tips to follow if you spot a coyote. The City advises people to keep trash lids on tight, pick up fruit from the ground, and avoid feeding wild cats, as coyotes are attracted to all these things. 

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  1. Didn’t see the coyote, but seen what was left of the cat, not much. Stoneman Ave just north of Valley on August 25th.

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