Coyotes attack Chihuahua, cat — and a map of where they roam

A coyote killed a cat two weeks ago near the Ralph's on Huntington Drive. On the other side of Alhambra, on Marengo and Valley near the 10, the Nite family Chihuahua "Slug" was almost another victim, the Pasadena Star-News reports

Pasadena Star-News report on Chihuahua attack"I really didn't think it was a coyote, that was the last thing in my head," Michael Nite said.

Nite chased the sound of Slug's cries down the street in his car, simultaneously calling 9-1-1.

Nite finally found Slug crumpled on a neighbor's lawn, with the coyote standing a few feet away from him. Nite scared the coyote off and then took Slug, who was barely breathing, to the nearest animal hospital.

A map of coyote reports that have been submitted to the Alhambra Source.

Slug survived, but Nite wanted to make sure others knew their small pets were vulnerible, even in Alhambra which seems fairly remote from the San Gabriel Mountains.

Ken Pellman, spokesman for the Agricultural Commissioner's Office, told the Star-News that Nite's story is not surprising. There had been 10 coyote complaints to the authority in 2011. "The coyote was probably just walking the street, might not have even known the owner was there," he said. "It see's this small animal out in front and thinks, `Oh, perfect.' Coyotes are generally nocturnal, so it is not surprising that a coyote would be out there."

We will continue to map coyote reports that have been submitted to the Alhambra Source. If you spot one, please send an e-mail to or write the location, time, and any additional details below.

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