Coyote tries to attack dog in Monterey Park — a map of recent sightings

Alhambra, Monterey Park, and San Marino residents have spotted coyotes in the area recently, sharing their stories on Facebook and in comments on Alhambra Source's Oct. 25 coyote map.

A resident spooked a coyote Dec. 19 on the 1400 block of South Chapel Avenue in Alhambra. "It ran northbound on Chapel past Valley Blvd," said Yvette Reyes. "We both looked at each other, then I made some noise and it took off running. Please be aware."

Another coyote tried to attack a dog on Nov. 28 in Monterey Park. "Coyote tried to attack my dog near the corner of Ridgeside and Wandering Dr. around 8:30 p.m. tonight," wrote Kim Lee.

If you see a coyote and sense immediate danger, you should call 9-1-1, according to the city of Alhambra website. You can also call the California Department of Fish and Game at (909) 484-0167 to report a coyote or obtain more information. The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care will also respond if a coyote is acting aggressively or is trapped, injured, or dead. Animal Care can be reached at (562) 940-6898.

Below is a map of reported coyote sightings. The red icons represent spottings within the last six months.

Have you spotted a coyote in Alhambra recently? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at

15 thoughts on “Coyote tries to attack dog in Monterey Park — a map of recent sightings”

  1. Coyette sighting on Walnut Grove Ave, between Fern and Garvey 8/9/15 9:40 Pm

  2. At around 5:50 AM on 8/6/15, I believe that I just saw 2 coyotes crossing Fremont Ave south of Valley Blvd in Alhambra while driving to work.

  3. Coyote came into my backyard late night (6/14) and destroyed my rabbit’s cage. It seems it may have successfully taken my bunny considering there was blood. However, I’m hoping my bunny is still alive and will return as he has done numerous times.

  4. About 2:45 am early this morning spotted 2 coyotes in the middle of the street on chapel then scared them off as I drove by they went into the ymca area by almoansor park it shocked me

  5. Coyote today see while going to kids school in cross road
    North granada and North Alhambra rd

  6. 2 coyotes spotted at Winston Ave and Raleigh Dr intersection in San Marino at 1:45PM on Sunday, 5/17/2015.

  7. Coyote at the intersection of Pedley and Hitchcock in Alhambra about 10:30pm on April 6th. It went south on Hitchcock.

  8. Spotted the coyote on bluffhill drive in monterey park at 7:30 pm on 1/28/2015

  9. I saw it again tonight at 9:34pm (1/22/2015). It jogged north on Sierra Vista Ave, crossed Corto St into the golf course parking lot.

  10. Just spotted a coyote on San Marino and 4th st by the high school. It tried to get a cat but the Cat was able to escape

  11. I saw what I think was a coyote at 5:40PM (1/16/2015) at Almansor Park near Kiner’s Corner. Maybe because of it, all the geese and ducks on the lawn were gone.

  12. The animal was on Jackson and Saxon ace in San Gabriel

  13. Coyote spotted 10:30pm corner of Hidalgo and Mission.

  14. Coyote sighting
    Date: Monday October 6, 2014
    Time: 6:00 AM
    Location: Corner of E Graves Ave and S Sefton Ave.

    Seems to be the same Coyote that lives in the grounds of the Garvey Reservoir. A pair of Coyotes have been seen inside the fenced area of the Garvey Reservoir as of August 2014.

  15. It would help the community if Ms. Aboulhosn, the Alhambra Source and Alhambra officials educated residents about how UNLIKELY they are to be harmed by a coyote and how they should learn to coexist with this animal which is so helpful to the ecosystem. America’s native “song dogs” are usually shy animals that help balance nature by eating tons of rats, mice, rabbits and insects. Coyotes also clean our environment by consuming carrion.
    Coexistence means not letting our pets wander and walking them on designated paths; bringing pet food inside; covering trash and only putting it out on collection day; and cleaning up birdfeeders which attract rodents.
    If a coyote comes too close, simply clap your hands, shout, wave your arms or blow a whistle to scare it away. Project Coyote has great info!

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