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Coyote spottings in Alhambra

On Sunday evening @hello_katty sent out a tweet alert:

"Let folks in the Midwick Tract know to watch their small pets. There's a coyote roaming. Saw it on Cabrillo tonight."

We've heard via Facebook about a lot of other spottings in the area. Nancy Ruiz wrote that on Wednesady night near Grandview Market: "I saw a coyote and it saw me. The coyote wasn't scared, but I sure was."

Earl Jones wrote that he saw one last on Electric Avenue at 3am (Linda Moody's neighbor saw one there as well). Daniel Dupill worte that he once knew of a den on the hillside between Hampden Terrace and Palentine. "We could hear them howl in concert with fire and police sirens regularly – and see them often on Hampden Terrace." And "Auntie Apple" said she spotten one in front of Ramona Convent." Fernando Morales said he saw a baby one running toward another place of worship, St Therese.

John Garica said he spots them on Huntington Drive, Mauricio Perez said Woodward and Fifth was the spot, and Kelly Yamagashi said for her it was North Olive and Pine. "A pack of three were chilling on my lawn," she writes. 

Have you spotted a coyote? Please post the address/ intersection below or by e-mailing editor@alhambrasource.org and we will put together a coyote spotting map. And if you have any pictures, please share those as well.

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17 thoughts on “Coyote spottings in Alhambra”

  1. Spotted a Coyote on 2/20/2017 at around 11:55am on the corner of N Cordova Street & E Grand Ave. The coyote was running north toward Alhambra Rd. If you have kids, pets, do not leave them unattended.

  2. we saw one tonite around 9pm @ Concord and Lowell smaller from the one we we saw in Palentine .

  3. At or around 2:00 am, I observed a lone coyote while walking my 50lb leashed dog, on Beacon Street, between Garfield Avenue and Chapel Avenue. It stared at us for approximately five seconds then dashed westbound on Beacon Street towards Garfield Avenue.

  4. Crossed paths with a coyote around 6 am a month ago while walking my dog on La Crescenta Ave. and Loma Vista Dr. Two weeks afterwards witnessed the carcass of a black cat, laying on someone’s front lawn on La Crescenta. The belly was ripped open with only the intestines remaining.

  5. I’ve seen a pack of three coyotes twice in the last week, roaming the area of Hellman Ave/Charnwood Ave, in the early am hours.

  6. I believe by law, animal control are not allowed to contain or trap Coyotes. Coyotes are protected. I could be wrong.

  7. I saw one last month. Main and Primrose. It ran across the street. I almost hit it! I should’ve followed it. Went into my house… 10 minutes later, heard howling.

  8. There are 2 that live in the school on Marengo near Ramona Road and Marguerita. The big one killed my neighbors cat right in front of us. We live in the 1800 block of south Marengo. It was horrible. The coyote was very big and looked healthy. Other neighbors in the Ramona Estates condos say they have seen them in their patios too. this is very frightening.

    1. Just spotted one this morning @6:20 am heading south on Ethel Ave.

  9. We saw three coyotes at the intersection of South Charnwood Ave. and Viscount. I called Alhambra Police who then referred me to another agency who said they cannot trap and/or contain the animal. They in turn sent me to Fish and Game and they could not do anything and told me to call Alhambra Police back!


      I added the report to the coyote map. We'll be looking more into this issue — let us know if you have any other responses from an agency/ have any other spottings. 


  10. I saw one crossing Main St. at Curtis last Thursday Jan 26th morning at 7:00

    1. Thanks for the report — I added it to the coyote map.

  11. I saw it on Adam st by the Almansor park. I almost mistaken it for a dog! It ran toward New ave after my dog almost chased it.

  12. coyote sighting at commenwealth and 4th right be alhambra h.s. – tuesday morning at approx 7am. what’s concerning about this is that it was very bright out already and it was roaming the streets (they normally come out at night). i contacted alhambra p.d. as it was heading towards the school’s campus. everyone please be careful.

  13. I’ve run into skunks and peacocks before in NW Alhambra, but never coyotes. N. Olive and Pine is really close to where I am. At any rate, it never stopped the neighbors cats (from across the street) from pooping on my front lawn.

  14. A coyote killed my mom’s cat 2 weeks ago. She lives near the Ralph’s on Huntington Dr.

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