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Coyote sightings in and around Alhambra for 2015

The Source has received a number of reports of coyote sightings in the past few months. Readers wrote to us about encounters that happened in and around Alhambra. 
Here is a map of those accounts. The red markings indicate sightings that were reported since June, the last time we updated our coyote map. The blue markings indicate the rest of the sightings that occurred this year.
Coyotes are native to the area and are generally harmless toward humans, say experts. In the rare instance that you are followed by a coyote, experts recommend making loud noises to scare them off. This was the approach that one reader—“R.Ramos”—took when he spotted a coyote by St Therese Church. “We yelled loudly at it and it left,” he told us. 
A couple readers added that they spotted coyotes that had wandered off with household pets. Animal experts say that while coyotes tend to shy away from humans, they are sometimes attracted to smaller animals. “They'll see a pet as either a threat or food,” said Ken Pellman, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Department of Agricultural Commissioner. He said the simplest and most effective way of protecting pets is to keep them indoors. Residents may also install fences that are at least six feet tall to secure their yards.
If you see a coyote and sense immediate danger, you should call 911, according to the City of Alhambra website. You can also report a coyote to the California Department of Fish and Game at (909) 484-0167 or the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care at (562) 940-6898.

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