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Coyote attacks Monterey Park koi pond — a map of recent sightings

A coyote attacked on Tuesday a koi pond in Monterey Park, killing five fish before running away from the house on Floral Drive and Hendricks Avenue.

"It is big as a dog, color grayish to brown," said koi owner Ismael in a comment on the April 25 coyote map

If you see a coyote and sense immediate danger, you should call 9-1-1, according to the Alhambra websiteYou can also call the California Department of Fish and Game at (909) 484-0167 to report a coyote or obtain more information. The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care will also respond if a coyote is acting aggressively or is trapped, injured, or dead. Animal Care can be reached at (562) 940-6898.

Below is a map of reported coyote sightings. The red icons represent spottings within the last six months.

Have you spotted a coyote in Alhambra recently? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at editor@alhambrasource.org.

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7 thoughts on “Coyote attacks Monterey Park koi pond — a map of recent sightings”

  1. I chased a pretty big coyote down vega last night.it ran down halsted cir. right into my neighbors yard down towards the wash.
    Keep your animals safe.i have seen 2 in the 2 months i have been living there.

  2. My sister spotted a coyote near Chapel & Valley early this morning and was able to scare it away. The coyote headed north on Chapel. Please be aware of your surroundings.

  3. Coyote tried to attack my dog near the corner of Ridgeside and Wandering Dr around 8:30 pm tonight. A passing chased it away up Ridgeside.

  4. I saw two coyotes chasing a cat under a car at 3:30am on montezuma ave and aurora circle

  5. 11/11/2013 9:40pm – was driving to my folks house from mine. Saw a coyote walking with a cat (probably already dead) in its mouth on Repetto Drive between Piedra Dr & Pavo Real. followed it in my car and it went into someone’s driveway and then disappeared into the bushes.

  6. I saw a coyote chasing a stray cat at the corner of Monterey St. and Mclean St. in Alhambra in the early morning hours of Aug. 30, 2013. The cat escaped by running into the underground parking garage of an apartment building.

  7. It’s a shame about the koi, but it’s just a coyote. They are very adaptive and smart animals who have learned to thrive alongside humans.

    They generally are not a threat to us. Isolated incidents aside, our own domestic dogs are much more likely to hurt or kill a person than coyotes are. All in all, they likely do a great service by keeping the rodent population in check.

    If you’re concerned, keep your small pets inside at night and cover your fish ponds. There’s no need to panic if you see one on our streets – 99% of the time, they’ll disappear when they see you.

    Personally, I love catching a glimpse of them roaming the streets.

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