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Coyote attacks dog in Monterey Park, a map of recent sightings

Local residents are again reporting coyote sightings in Alhambra and surrounding areas. A Monterey Park resident wrote in that their dog Buddie was attacked by a coyote on April 23. "Luckily we heard noises and stepped out to the front yard," the resident wrote to Alhambra Source in an email. "I see a coyote carrying my Buddie by the neck crossing the streets to my neighbors house.  My husband chased after him so the coyote dropped Buddie. We took him to ER hospital. Hopefully he'll be ok."

Below is a map of reported coyote sightings. The red icons are spottings within the last six months.

Have you spotted a coyote in Alhambra recently? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at [email protected]

The Alhambra Source encourages comment on our stories. However, we do not vet comments for accuracy or endorse links to posts in the comment section. The thoughts and opinions expressed belong solely to the author of the comment.

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30 thoughts on “Coyote attacks dog in Monterey Park, a map of recent sightings”

  1. Hi I live in the Alhambra Residence, and for the first time in all the years I have lived here I seen a coyote for the very first time. I was driving several blocks from my home and spotted the coyote near Norwood and the corner of Geranio. I couldn’t believe! He looked like a dog but I identified that his ears are at a point and long bushy tail. He was in the middle of the st. It was a scrawny thing, and tan. Several hours later I returned to my home only to know spot the coyote across from my home. At the corner of Ross and Vega, drinking water from a puddle that build up from the rain in the St. I stood in my car, but looking directly at it I knew it was definitely a coyote. ( these wild creatures are really becoming brave.) I was want to report that I was coming from Office Max, in Alhambra I drove down the St. next to a bar called Belly’s west I spotted a Grayish colored coyote as well.
    Thank you,
    Hope this helps whoever takes the time to read this.

  2. Just saw a coyote on my driveway and it jumped a low fence into my backyard.

    Southwest Alhambra. By Cal State.

  3. We had a coyote sighting in our back yard on the morning of 5-29-2016. It returned looking for our small dog. I scared it away, but we will be keeping our dog in for awhile. We are east of Garfield Ave.,just north of Pomona Ave.,in Monterey Park.

  4. Coyote sighting on Grand Ave crossing Fremont, Alhambra

    1. Plenty of coyotes in the neighborhood of Alhambra Rd and Fremont Ave. Keep your eyes open they are around day and night.

  5. I saw coyote walking on De La Fuente st, Monterey park

  6. I just saw the coyote walking on De La Fuente st, Monterey park at around 4:44pm

  7. Spotted a coyote at 6am this morning in the backyard of the 1400 block of Stone Gate Street, sadly with a cat in its mouth

  8. July 15,2015 coyote spotted at fence in vicinity of Vega St near St Therese church .it was behind a fence looking at the dogs in yard.we yelled loudly at it and it left.

  9. Just saw a pack of coyotes, a medium looking male, small females and a pup by Shuey Elementary (on Wells).
    This is not the first time I have seen them since I live by the school I have seen the larger one twice before near the school and the surrounding streets (Earle, Delta, Walnut Grove, etc)

  10. This last Friday at 5:45am a coyote attacked and killed my cat in my front yard. He released my cat when I came out cause I heard my cat cry out loud as I was getting ready to go to work. I have been living in the City of Montebello since 1999 and have never seen or heard a coyote by my neighborhood. I live one block north of Beverly Blvd by Gerhart, this is almost ELA. When the coyote saw it did not run away, it walked away and was a big for a coyote. Montebello PD came out and saw the coyote but only escorted it out of the neighborhood. This is very disturbing because I have 2 toddlers that love running in the front yard, but I am glad that I now know to be aware and an obvious sign that the drought is forcing these coyotes to come out further for food and water. I called animal control and they said it was mating season and that is also why they are more active ( I don’t know how true this is though).

  11. Saw a coyote on San Gabriel and mission on the border of San Gabriel and Rosemead . This sighting was in June 2015. Also saw another one near Walmart in Rosemead that was in May 2015.

  12. I understand it can be unsettling to see a wild animal like a coyote roaming the neighborhoods, but they almost literally pose zero danger to humans in this environment.

    Coyotes are ubiquitous, adaptable, and very smart animals. They have figured out how to thrive alongside humans, which very few wild animals have done.

    They obviously pose a threat to small pets, but there have been only TWO fatal coyote attacks on humans in the US as far back as records are kept. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coyote_attacks_on_humans)

    Coyote bites are a little more common, but our risk of serious injuries from a pet dog attack is literally millions of times greater than a coyote attack. We have much more reason to fear the neighbor’s dog who gets loose from the backyard than we do from coyotes. (Compare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatal_dog_attacks_in_the_United_States)

    Also, coyotes help to keep other pests like opossums, rats, and other rodents in check. I think we would have a much worse rodent problem around here if we somehow pushed out coyotes.

    These coyotes are much more afraid of us than we should be of them. If anyone is ever confronted by one (as I have been) clap your hands, yell, and maybe throw a rock in his direction and they will almost always run and find cover. Really nothing to worry about.

  13. Visually saw a coyote on Saturday June 13, 2015 at 11:57AM in Monterey Park, SE. on Cadiz St. and Hermosa Vista. near the stop sign. Broad daylight, heading up the bushy hill.
    Either that or a very skinny dog. Looked hungry. Still looking for it again.

  14. I saw a coyote when I went out to my car around 12 am on Hellman ave. cross street N Nicholson Ave. At first I thought it was a dog but when it got closer I know it’s a coyote. I only saw one heading east of Hellman Ave.

  15. At 5am I heard my chihuahua bark a few times then it was followed by a ruckus on my deck – two coyotes, healthy and very quick. It took me a while to focus on them since they quickly made their way to opposite fences, 6 ft in height, which they scaled with ease… they remained perched on the fence for a few seconds, then left. My dog sleeps on our deck and buries herself into her bed and blanket – they couldn’t get to her… this occurred in Rosemead, Mission and Willard.

  16. I just saw a coyote going up Abbot Ave. in San Gabriel which is in the village. He was going from house to house sniffing the ground – going right up to the front porch of some of the homes!

  17. Sunday 11/2/14 8:40pm We saw a coyote on west Gleason st and Bradshawe Ave in Monterey park c.a stood in the middle of the street, standing in front of our vehicle then ran south towards Pomona Blvd

  18. Just saw one today at 1:45 P.M. Mooney Dr. in South San Gabriel cross street is Kays. I live in the border between Monterey park/South San Gabriel.

  19. I just seen a coyote this morning around 3:30 am walking on the middle of the street of graves and del mar in rosemead.

  20. Just saw two today on Garvey Ave and Casuda Canyon. Driving back home from work around 10:45pm.

  21. Saw one while walking my dog at 8am, jogging down Wilcox in Monterey Park. Looked at us and continued on its way. Scary to see one when the sun is out! Thought they only came out at dusk and dawn.

  22. Fernando Ruiz Jr.

    My brothers dog was attacked by two coyotes in Monterey Park today. It happened just before 4:30 AM. He was alerted by the dogs screams and came out into the backyard to witness the attack. My brothers screams scared the coyotes away just in time. Dog suffered bite wounds to the neck and shoulder but looks like it’s going to make it.

  23. Just spotted two good sized coyotes tonight in the corner of Hillcrest Avenue and Wentworth in Pasadena while walking my dog. Never seen them here before.

  24. we also sighted a coyote last night 10:30pm Oct. 22 and morning of Oct23 5:00am. It swam on our fishpond and ate our gold fish and choi or okay fish. when it is around our two dogs kept on barking.
    please help catch this animal

  25. I think I had a coyote sighting while jogging in Monterey Park on Isabella, near Roca Way–near Repetto School. I didn’t have my glasses on, but it was an animal–not a cat or a dog–trotting in my direction. It ended up turning into the side street and out of sight.

  26. What can we do to get rid of this problem. I have two small dogs who stay in the backyard during the day. I want to know they are safe. I think animal control or someone needs to get involved in order to protect our pets.

  27. Our dog was attacked by some animal the night of April 26, 2013 and died from it’s injuries. We live on Casuda Canyon Drive in Monterey Park, CA. We always wondered what animal caused this extensive injuries. We thought it was racoon before as our neighbors saw some.

    Tonight (September 5, 2013), we were strolling along our street at 9pm at night. We saw an animal coming down the street on the opposite side of the road. It’s larger than a regular size dog and it has definitely light brown color hair. What caused our suspicion that it could be a coyote because it did not stop at any house to sniff at the grass or relieve itself like other dogs do. It trotted swiftly down the street. As it crossed the street about 50 ft from us to our side, we crossed over to the other side avoiding it and went back into the house. The animal disappeared into our neighbor’s yard across the street.

  28. I saw coyote in my backyard twice. My house is hillside of Atlantic blvd. and Garvey Ave.

  29. I saw a coyote last fall on Starbird Dr in Monterey Park. This is close to the Edison Trails off of Garfield Ave.