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Council to present update on high-speed rail developments

An update on the high-speed rail will be given at the Alhambra City Council meeting this upcoming Monday. Information will be provided, according to the city website, regarding a meeting between the California High-Speed Rail Authority and the San Gabriel Council of Governments’ High-Speed Rail Technical Working Group. The agency revealed that its only proposal will be an aerial structure within the I-10 median.

At early meetings regarding the potential passage of the high-speed rail through Alhambra, residents voiced their concern about the potential of losing their homes, an increase in noise pollution, and the rail’s effect on property value. The 60 Freeway was suggested as an alternate route, but it seems that the CHSRA has dropped this proposal.

At an August 12th City Council meeting, the council voted to oppose all three options the CHSRA presented. The proposals included an option that would put a route at the north side of Ramona Road, another option that would use the south side of Ramona Road, and a third option that would place an aerial structure in the I-10 median.

The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday evening at the City Council chambers at City Hall.

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2 thoughts on “Council to present update on high-speed rail developments”

  1. I attended the City Council meeting this evening. The City Council asked staff to draft a letter telling the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments and Rail Authority that it will not accept an elevated platform through the city. All the council members were in agreement that current plans by the Rail Authority are not acceptable to the city or its residents.

    The Rail Authority board will meet on March 3 in the Metro Headquarters next to Union Station in downtown L.A. During that meeting, the Rail Authority staff will present its recommendations regarding the L.A. to San Diego train line. Public comments occur at the beginning of the meeting. Please attend if you have time and would like to express your opinion regarding its plans.

    Visit http://www.alhambra123.org to learn more about plans to send high speed trains through Alhambra and to follow the latest developments on the project.


  2. I now have clarification about what the City of Alhambra wrote as well as more information about what is going on. I just posted an update to my web site. It leads with the following.

    “This follows-up my last post. Alhambra city staff will present an update to the Alhambra City Council and residents during the next city council meeting on Monday at 7pm. Staff will tell us that it recently learned that the Rail Authority will continue to study routes along the I-10 and SR-60 freeways. Rail Authority staff will also recommend that it drop the two routes that use and are adjacent to the Union Pacific right of way. City staff will also inform us that the high speed trains will fly by on elevated structures that average 75 feet or more in the air and at times are over 100 feet above the ground. Representatives from the Rail Authority will not be in attendance. The city has been asked to send a letter of formal support or opposition to present the Rail Authority board at the March 3 meeting.

    In addition, I learned today that the Rail Authority likely will put further study of the L.A. to San Diego line on hold until funding becomes available. The state budget does not include funding for further design work, supplemental alternatives analysis, or the EIR/EIS process. In addition, folks in El Monte need to know that an El Monte high speed rail station likely will force the use of eminent domain and destruction of homes near the current El Monte station.”



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