Council to present alternate routes for high-speed rail

The Alhambra City Council will recommend either a tunnel or trench railway in response to the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s proposal of an aerial platform running along the I-10 Freeway. The decision came after council members reviewed three letters that were drafted by the staff. One letter suggested either a tunnel or trench option, another recommended only a tunnel option, and the third advised only a trench option. The Council decided to proceed with the first letter, saying that it wanted to provide the CHSRA with multiple recommendations.

The letter, which will include the signatures of all council members, will be sent to the chairman and board members of the CHSRA, as well as to the city’s elected officials. Explaining the Council’s decision, the letter states that the city opposes any decision that would infringe upon property and quality of life.

The cost of tunneling had been a concern for the CHSRA. In response Vice Mayor Luis Ayala recommended that the city look into possible avenues of funding.

“Without funding the proposal losses its legs. Our approach has to be multifaceted,” Ayala said during yesterday's council meeting at the Alhambra Civic Library.

Assistant to the City Manager Jessica Keating said that the city would look into federal funding.

The counterproposal was drawn up after a January 17 council meeting in which locals and council members voiced their opposition to the aerial platform, noting their concerns of noise and a possible loss in property value.

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