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Council shuts down Blitz Ultra Lounge

Alhambra City Council decided during a special hearing last Wednesday to permanently close Blitz Ultra Lounge for serving alcohol to minors and violating occupancy limits. Council members banned owner Christopher Jefferson from opening another business in Alhambra but are allowing him to sell the space.

The Alhambra Planning Commission revoked the bar's alcohol license and conditional-use permits on April 5 after police discovered Blitz staff serving at least six minors without checking for identification, Planning Commission attorney Steve McEwen said during the June 26 hearing. Additionally, a fire department inspection found that the club's furniture and occupancy load constituted a fire hazard.

McEwen said Blitz continued to violate city rules and state law “despite the city’s efforts to educate the owner about the rules and regulations of running the business right."

Jefferson filed an appeal on May 28, asking City Council for permission to re-open the business under new management. However, no ownership agreements were completed despite Jefferson's attempts to introduce prospective owners at previous Council meetings.

Blitz Ultra Lounge attorney Roger Diamond argued that his client had a lack of management skills and called the business an “ill-advised venture.”

“Christopher Jefferson is a computer nerd, but I won’t say he’s incompetent,” Diamond said during the hearing. “The incidents were not his fault.”

Jefferson closed his business Thursday, according to Assistant City Manager Tara Schultz.

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4 thoughts on “Council shuts down Blitz Ultra Lounge”

  1. As a customer of blitz i never saw anything wrong inside the place all i ever saw was a place on the rise and statring to be one of the hotts spot in alhambra we all know that in its all bull sh***t what the city stared to do there police coming in and out of the place harrising the place when police where not need trying to scare people when they walk in but when u look outside they would never go in to the spots i wounder y that would be the city of alhambera violted quite a few state laws in that city i hope mr jefferson sues the city for all the harrsment that was going on inside blitz and all the buss. he lost because of all the police walking in and out of there when not needed just to scare the customers

  2. Definitely not the owners fault! the unreliable staff needs to be questioned especially the security staff and bartenders for not asking for ID’s when taking orders! and for all the DUI’s and other incidents! lets not forget there is multiple clubs there on that street all within a 1 block radius like Havana house,azul,granada,boteco,Rabbit hole,ambiente,fronteras and finally Blitz ultra lounge!
    the customer base will most likely end up at blitz,azul or havana house they are all right next to each other guys lol
    as far as under age drinking goes the Security guy needs to be questioned big time!! theres always the same guy at the door most of the time,that person needs to be questioned for not doing his job! the owner ‘Jefferson’ pays them a salary to make sure the front door is running smoothly and make sure underage drinkers are not inside! so if your smart enough youll get that if the front door security guy was doing his job this would never have happened, so to ALL!! dont ever hire these security guys cause chances are youll also have under age drinkers in your establishment!

  3. Agree with M. Payne. Lots of drugs and DUI’s have plagued these establishments from past police presence and stories from people I know who have been there…

    It is no surprise why the Ambiente Club was also shut down. I don’t know why so many troublemakers are attracted to these places…

  4. Would like to see them shut down more of the ghetto businesses on Main St.

    And NO Latino is NOT AUTOMATICALLY EQUAL to ghetto. I am friends with the manager at both The Granada and Boteco and I can say those are top-notch establishments.

    I am talking about the businesses that cater to EAST LA thugs.

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