Connecting with a freeway

[email protected] are portraits of the City of Alhambra and the people who go about their lives here.

The photo: Driving the 10 Freeway going through Alhambra signs pass in a blur. “I saw the sunset creating this beautiful light effect on the horizon,” says Guzman. “I felt very warm and nice and wanted to capture it on camera to share the same feeling I was having.”

The photographer: Efrain Guzman was born in the city of Talpa de Allende in Jalisco, Mexico and raised in Los Angeles from the age of six months. Guzman suffers ailments including Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and a hiatal hernia, but takes refuge in his love of art and urban design.

“It's challenging and not many people understand the toll it has on someone, physically, emotionally, and mentally – but nonetheless I'm genuinely very happy and passionate about urban design and photography,” says Guzman. We found Guzman's photo on his Flickr feed.

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