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City to hold community meeting on Fremont Lowe's project | 阿市Fremont大街地产计划召集公众意见

Alhambra community members can now publicly comment on a development project that will build a Lowe’s store, two six-story office buildings, and a parking structure on Fremont Avenue.

Totaling 12.66 acres, Lowe’s is expected to be 134,417 square feet, and the two office buildings would be 245,000 square feet.

The public may review documents about the commercial project in general and its environmental impact, and submit comments to Tonya Pace, development services director, at tpace@cityofalhambra.org.

A 264-page report, the initial study and Mitigated Negative Declaration, concluded that the Alhambra Court project would not have a significant environmental impact under a mitigation program.

The city of Alhambra will host a community informational meeting for anyone interested in making a comment in person about the project on Tuesday, 7 to 9 p.m., at the Emery Park Youth Center on 2709 Mimosa St.

The last opportunity to participate in the public comment period is January 3, during the public hearing at the Planning Commission meeting at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers.



公众可以浏览关于该计划以及其环境影响的材料,将意见提交给发展服务部主任Tonya Pace(tpace@cityofalhambra.org)。


阿市将与12月12日星期二晚7至9点举行一次情况通报会。地点在2709 Mimosa St的Emery公园青年中心(Emery Park Youth Center)。

另外,阿市将与1月3日晚7点于市政厅举行听证会,届时为参与公众评议的最后一次机会 。

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4 thoughts on “City to hold community meeting on Fremont Lowe's project | 阿市Fremont大街地产计划召集公众意见”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information, but any chance you and your team will be digging into this a little deeper? On the plus side – new jobs, new taxes. But is the city providing any tax breaks? Will the developer be using local businesses or women/minority-owned during construction? The traffic impact report seems to be intentionally dense.
    And how does this new project align with Alhambra’s General Plan?
    thanks for keeping the community informed.

  2. Well, that ought to make the current traffic problems on Fremont look Iike wishful thinking.

  3. For decades, the leaders of Alhambra have been telling anyone that listens that the traffic on Fremont is terrible, that we need to do some thing to remove traffic in the area and that allowing any neighboring city residents to drive on that corridor should be discouraged. Now they are pushing to have a Lowe’s right there. I’d like to
    a) Explain this hypocrisy from the city leaders that are not loudly expressing a negative reaction to this rezoning of land to a heavier use.
    b) Ensure that any donations made by developers and agents involved in the process to city elected officials be made highly public and visible to the people of Alhambra.

  4. I think it’s long over due and I’m excited for some
    new retailers in ALHAMBRA! Home Depot needs
    some competition and I need better prices!! My vote is

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