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City Council candidates report vast differences in funding

Campaign contributions for the two Alhambra City Council candidates facing off Tuesday, Stephen Sham and Eric Sunada, differ by more than $100,000.

Sham, the incumbent candidate for the District 1 seat, received $136,916 in campaign contributions between Jan. 1 and Oct. 18, according to pre-election statements filed with City Hall. Major donations include $5,000 from Wei Zhang, the president of Ocean Wayne Media in West Covina, $5,000 from TAG-2 Medical Investment Group in Alhambra, and $5,000 from St. Clair International, LLC in Newport Beach.

Sham also received contributions from residents and business owners in Alhambra and the San Gabriel Valley, as well as residents from several other cities including San Diego and Milpitas.

As of Oct. 18, Sham spent $67,261. Major expenditures included $10,273 for postage, $10,000 to his own Alhambra business Plaza Printing for campaign literature, $8,591 to Almansor Court for a fundraising event, and $8,296 for campaign consulting through two payments: one to Deandre Valencia in West Covina for $4,296 and another to Valencia and Associates, also in West Covina, for $4,000.

Sham’s campaign also donated $1,500 to State Assemblyman Ed Chau’s re-election campaign and $1,000 to Congresswoman Judy Chu’s re-election campaign. Both Chau and Chu have endorsed Stephen Sham for City Council.

Sunada received $20,644 in contributions, $10,400 of which is listed as a loan from Sunada and his wife, according to city records. He also received a loan from Alhambra resident and Sunada campaign manager Michael Lawrence for $1,000.

Sunada’s major contributions also include $1,200 from Alhambra resident Sabrina Peck, $1,150 from Pasadena resident and fellow Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer Gaj Birur, and $1,000 from Cerritos resident Anne Sunada. Sunada’s contributors come from the San Gabriel Valley and greater Los Angeles area.

As of Oct. 18, Sunada spent $16,536.96 on his campaign. Major expenditures include $5,094.71 to Instant Copies and Printing in Alhambra for campaign literature and lawn signs; $4,867.50 to KBC Mailing in Sun Valley for campaign literature, mailings, and mail preparation; and $3,765.12 to the postmaster in the City of Industry for postage.

Both candidates’ full campaign committee statements are available for public review through the Alhambra city clerk's office. To file a Public Information Request, email the city clerk at lmyles@cityofalhambra.org or visit the city clerk's office at City Hall.

Alhambra Source interviewed both candidates for Alhambra City Council:

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4 thoughts on “City Council candidates report vast differences in funding”

  1. Now with the city council elections over and won by big money outside interests and “shady” outside political consultants, I believe Councilman Sham owes it to us, the VOTERS to explain why he needed so much support from outside interests…are these outside interests now going to expect some type of “payback” at the expense of city residents? Please Councilman Sham,I feel you owe it to us Alhambra VOTERS to explain why you needed so much outside interests you needed to defeat a grassroots candidate? Thank you.

  2. So the way I read this Sham paid his fellow democratic office holders to get their endorsements. That sure sounds fishy. Since both Sunada and Sham are democrats I would of thought that the Congresswoman and Assemblyman would of stayed neutral. I do know that Sunada got the Alhambra and LA County Democratic party/club endorsements but they were voted upon by their membership and Sham was also given the opportunity to win those endorsements — but lost.

  3. bocek, you need to listen to Dan since he won’t probably tell you. BACK IT UP!!!

  4. i read that mr. sham has a printing business, is that printing business the one that sends out that useless calendar mid year. Allhambra residents used to receive a simple letter that contained the information about Alhambra water. Now alhamgra residents have to pay for this useless calendar….always wondered whose idea was this, some one some business is being paid, cost must be much more than that simple letter that went out, whose poor decision was this calendar, something for the alhambra news reporters to look into
    thank you

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