Chinese press reports on police officer killed in car accident

Monday's front page story of the local edition of China Press (侨报) was on the deadly accident involving two Alhambra police officers. Early Sunday morning, two police vehicles collided at the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Main Street, resulting in the death of one officer, 26-year-old Ryan Stringer, and seriously injuring the other. A translation of part of the article:

"According to the chalk traces drew by the officers at the intersection, prior to the accident, Police Vehicle A was driving south on Garfield Avenue while Police Vehicle B was driving west on Main Street and preparing to turn right on to Garfield Avenue. Possibly either cars were going too fast or one of them was going in the wrong way. Police Car B turned left to avoid Police Car A hitting the signal lights on the northwest corner. At the same time, Police Car A, trying to avoid Police Car B, collided with the sidewalk in front of Hop Woo BBQ Seafood.

Television news reports the accident happened because one of the vehicles ran the red light.  However, Rodriguez said the cause was not certain yet and “is still under investigation”.


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